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Originally Posted by Cumminsdieselboy View Post
I have heard that one shouldn't and/or couldnt burn synthetic motor this true?
Just another of the many myths surrounding synthetic lubricants. It burns just fine.
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Yes, WMO or WEO has been used by the military since way back when. They filter it somewhat and its poured back into the bulk tanks.
I have a 3 filter system , thats gravity fed, a 5 gallon bucket thats about head high, out of the bottom of is a cutoff valve, and 3 filters, those then go into the bottom bucket. In both the top and bottom buckets are big magnets. At the bottom of the bottom bucket is a bung where a hose attaches, that connects to a 12v.fuel pump, that connects to a 6 ft. hose and filler end.

Now, I've been using this setup for small amounts of prefiltered fryer oil, used motor oil, trans. fluid. Now, with the fryer oil, I set the output hose back over into the top bucket, switch on the pump and 'scrub' the oil for 30 minutes.....pressure feeding thru the filters.

My trucks fuel mileage increases and motor quietens down when I pump in 2 or 3 gallons on weo into my tank every-once-in-a-while. I change the oil, filter it, and pour her in.

Roudolf Diesel designed the Diesel engine to run off the leftover oils in the mills, cottonseed, flakseed, peanut, etc. Diesel fuel didn't exist back in the 20's and 30's. There was fuel oil. The oil co's and the govern. started doing backflips and handstands when they say the potential for the money to be made here.

With the diesel fuel being so 'dry' now, my 12 valve and 24 valve run better and make less noise with the extra 'lube' in the fuel. Cummins allows 10 to 15% WEO's by volume. The military.....its free fuel to them.

Just think about it, its free! Don't overthink the filtering....ever see the bottom of a used diesel fuel tank? Theres crap thats settles to the bottom in there....and its gritty, too. Go as low as you can on your micron levels on your filters and you'll be fine.

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And yes....I use Mystic 15w40 synth blend, too. Burns just fine. 10 years and going strong....of course I'm a pro- race engine-builder also....

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I used to be an ABF in the Navy. That's aircraft fueler to most people. On board the ship we had centrifugal purifiers that we ran the jet fuel through before it went into the service tanks (those are the tanks that it's pumped from up to the flightdeck). I seem to remember that they spun at about 7200 rpm. They moved 300 gpm of fuel and were powered by a 40 hp electric motor. They took about 4 to 5 minutes to reach full speed from a standstill and close to an hour to completely stop after being turned off. I also had to clean those, and it was no fun. I don't know the ratings on what they were supposed to remove, but I do know that the filters that the fuel went through on the way up to the flight deck rarely had much of anything in their elements when we did maintenance on them. You can imagine the trouble the navy goes to to ensure that contaminated fuel does not reach the flightdeck pumping stations. If it does, you'll do a bit worse than ruining a $1500 injection pump and stranding somebody on the road.
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Default pro alternative fuels

Dude, Why so negative, I for one am all for alternative fuels. as for the legality that is completey debateable..... off road use for instance totally legal, on road legal within limits of use by volume mixed. bad for the envirornment and engine well also debateable if properly filtered and used I am of the opinion that is has no adverse effects on the longevity of a motor and as for the environment, cmon give me a break,, you must be another california tree hugger with a huge lack of understanding of the big picture. By repurposing the oil as fuel actually can be greener then putting it through a factory that makes bunker oil out of it that goes straight into the ground after using it for concrete and related tasks. Im a positive type and like to see the good in things. thats my 2 cents worth, all you people thinking of using weo/wmo it is a good thing and works well and can save you a ton of money as it has me.
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How can a centrifugal filter go lower than 2 micron? Less than two microns can't be measured in the real world. Just have a look at manufacturers product specs- and I'm not talking of those magic tunershop...

There are some good centrifugal filters on the market, but even Mann & Hummel(the main global producer of centrifugal filters)stops measuring at 5 micron.

That statement is doubtable:
"There are several centrifuges on the market that will filter to 1/10 of a micron"
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Default build heater/condenser

Originally Posted by Cummins Express View Post
hmmm...I've got plans for a waste oil furnace that fuels itself and condenses the stack exhaust into clear fuel oil. The only by-product is ash and no stack opacity once up to temperature. Anyone interested in trying it out? I haven't had time to build it yet, but the plans are solid and requires a very small foot print. Can be made out of everyday shop materials and hardware store parts.

I would be very interested in building your Heater/Condenser.
Have 3 years experience in making GOOD biodiesel 1800 gallons but lost my source of used oil.
Originally wanted to build a condenser to convert used engine oil into fuel, but could not find enough information.

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Originally Posted by Deezel Stink3r View Post
How can a centrifugal filter go lower than 2 micron?
It slings debris against the paper liner. Solids stick to the paper and eachother while the fluid runs off.
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