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Originally Posted by Tuck45311 View Post
Found 3 broken wires on the drivers side fender well. I think that may be the problem. Going to try soldering them and shrink tubes with silicon without damaging any other of the 5 million wires located right there. Since separating the damaged wires, I haven't had an issue in the rain.
Hey Truck 45311,
I am having similar problems with my 03 6.0L. Where about on the drivers side fender well did you locate the broken wires? What were the colours (if you can recall)?
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Sorry, haven't been on for a while. the wires were located just towards the outside from the main harness. there are 5 or 6 plugs right there. just behind the powersteering fluid res.
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I know this post is old but I had this same issue. We had to replace the engine harness to fix it. The harness has melted together in places and grounded out.
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