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Default Which Starter for my 7.3 IDI

Well I am brand new to the diesel world. Last month I bought an 89 crew cab with a 7.3 IDI. Have taken it on a few trips now and it has run great. Other day I went out to start it up and it was cranking great, then like something broke while cranking, it began cranking slow. She does fire up, just doesnt spin over too quick, so it takes a while to get it to fire. After cranking for 5 seconds, it starts to crank faster. So I pulled out the cables, batterys and starter and will be replacing them all, as they all look pretty well used up.... My question is, which starter will handle the abuse this motor puts out in these MN winters. Thanks in advance for any advice....


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I pulled the non gear reduction style out (I believe its called Mitsubishi style), am contemplating putting the gear reduction style in it (nippondenso style)..... Would I have to change anything to do this, and would it be beneficial? Thanks again

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Default 7.3 offset gear reduction versus planetary starters

All of the 7.3 starters I have seen utilize gear reduction to multiply torque. I have had three of the offset gear reduction starter tail stock bearings fail because of the offset loads. I have had no problems with planetary gear reduction starters I started using once I discovered they existed.

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get the nippo one. much better. also if u plan on cranking alot, get one from advanced. lifetime warrenty.
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