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Default 4r100 Behind Commonrail Rebuild and Tuning

I am in the process of swapping a 2003 commonrail cummins engine into my superduty that came with a 7.3 and a 4r100 transmission. The transmission worked great behind the 7.3, but has 205,000 miles on it and I would like to rebuild it and make it work great and feel strong behind the 5.9 commonrail engine. The catch is, i'm on a budget and cannot afford the absolute top of the line. I am going to tear this transmission apart and rebuild it myself. What would you guys recommend as a great middle of the line competitor that supplies a good kit and maybe a torque converter if I can afford it right now? My power goal is around 400 or 450 right now for the engine. Mostly just a tuner on the engine, maybe marine injectors at some point, and maybe a turbo setup of some kind but nothing crazy, I just want good reliability and driveability. I also need to decide on a good standalone controller, I know everyone like PCS controllers, but another option I have been told about is the Quick 4 controller? The Quick 4 seems to be very easily tuned and works with the stock pcm so your towhaul button still works, and the whole thing feels very stock, but with good tunability. Has anyone had any experience with it? If more information is needed for a good answer just let me know.
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