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#4 Injector Line

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Default #4 Injector Line

For anyone out there who doesn't want to be stuck on the side of the road, check the clamp on the #4 injector line. Today, I was driving down the road and my truck died. Pulled over, popped the hood, smelled fuel. With a little further investigation, found my #4 injector line in two pieces. The clamp was laying underneath it. I got really lucky and a passerby stopped to see if I needed a hand. He had a friend that worked at the Cummins shop and what do you know, he had the part. The parts man also told me there is a three week nationwide back-order on them.
Moral of the story, check the clamp, and order one just in case... They're only $25.00
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I like to see some pictures of this, and was it the clamp or the hose that blew and why only on number 4
Old 10-15-2009, 05:38 PM
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Yes! Thanks!!
Pics would be great!

(I think there is some sort of 'defect' here.... Can't remember where I read it; but, it seems like this is a common problem.)

Guess I better go check mine.....
How many miles on yours (to cause this)?
Old 10-18-2009, 09:20 PM
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I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow. My truck has 127,000 I'm almost certain it is a defective clamp because the new part comes with the clamp included and it has been redesigned. I'm not certain why it is just the #4 line. It might be others too. The parts dealer told me he has only sold the #4 though. The line itself broke on the injector side 1/4 inch from the nut. I've checked of few of my friends trucks and one of them had a loose clamp. Hope this saves some of you the headache/heartache on the side of the road.
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I would like to see a pic as well
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The #4 line had been replaced on mine before I got the truck, seems to be a semi-common problem
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Clamp can come loose and rub through or break off close to the end of the line. I checck any CR I work on. Found 3 loose clamps so far
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signs of a loose clamp are a loud valve tap style noise, that goes away when you turn the radio up, but that is not the best way at all to fix it, clamps off older motors will work and easy to carry for use in a pinch.
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anybody have any pics of this yet?

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