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converting to diesel power

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Originally Posted by angelic0- View Post
If you're converting into a Diesel, dont use a KA24, rather go with a SR20 or CA18 since they are stronger blocks... tha KA isn't boost friendly either...

Or you could just go with a BMW M57B30TT (Twin Turbo Diesel) with it's ~300hp and ~700nm... and swap it into your Nissan
well actually sr20's arent strong at all
alot people make the mistake of thinkin sr's can hadle way more than ka'z
simple fact is u can make more power runnin way more boost way more reliable in a ka than an sr
ive seen stock motor ka24's runnin 30 pounds makin 500 whp and runnin pretty strong
the only thing im worried about the ka is that yes it has an iron block but it has an aluminum head which would warp alot easier than the block
this brings up another question-wats the operating temperature of most diesel engines

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Originally Posted by jlawles2 View Post
I think the GM 5.7L was a big block. Some of them ran great, but some were not worth the scrap weight of the motor. Had lots of problems with the Roussa-Master injector pumps (they hated water, I.E. 1 drop would smoke it). Also the heads were prone to cracking between the valves, no leaks in the water jacket or loss of compression, just looks funny when you look at it. My mom's had 100,000 miles on it when we pulled it just to see how it was wearing. That is when we found the cracks between the valves (should have put them back on after a valve job). It was on the 3rd injector pump and the original injectors.

That thing was a beast to work on. It barely fit between the fenders of the 79 olds.
hey wat were the heads made of and wat made these cracks...i mean im sure they are stress fractures but is there any way to prevent this? doubt i could ceramic coat the head but wat about high temperature coating
o and as for a fuel pump could i use a gas pump like say a z32 fuel pump or skyline r33 pump

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Its been said, but I'll say it again. Your best bet is to swich to a diesel engine. It will be a LOT cheeper in the long run. jmho
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Originally Posted by stkdram55 View Post
this has been done already, good ol GM tried it with there 5.7 liter gassers and converting them to diesel...needless to say you dont see many of them around and for good reason. The block, crank well hell just about everything isnt strong enough to support a diesel fuel system...
That is a common misconception, but the 350cid V8 was NOT a converted gasser. It had a completely different block, heads, pistons, crank, rods, and cam - all specifically designed as diesel components. What it did share with the 350 gas engine was some of the TOOLING for the heads (location, size, and placement of the headbolts) and the block (cylinder & cam bores). This was done to save money by using the same production line for machining the blocks and heads. They also share the water pump, oil pan, timing chain cover, etc. for the same reason.

Although the number and size of the headbolts was enough to hold the compression of a gasser, they couldn't stand up to the compression of the diesel - which made headgaskets their main point of failure. An ARP head stud kit and better head gaskets can pretty much take care of that problem and make them a pretty reliable motor.

Racers like to get their hands on the 350 diesel blocks and cranks because they can swap a set of gasser heads and pistons into them and have an EXTREMELY strong reliable setup that will hold up in a 600-800 HP motor without having to do anything else to strengthen it.
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just don't do it. your friends will ostracize you; nobody in town will know HTF to fix it when you're old and gray; little kids will point and laugh; your neighbor won't give you back the head-fragments that go thru his living-room window; and, though you'll smell like Diesel instead of gas, women won't find you sexy the way they do us Dodge/Cummins guys.

Get a purpose-built Nissan Diesel from somebody like JDM.
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