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A Recon is a cheaply made Warn. They are the exact same design... If I were you I would also look at MileMarker (slow, but strong with great customer service) or look for a used Warn.
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Pisser is I had a Warn 12,000 That Itook off my old truck and sold it to a friend for $200 thinking I would not need another truck. BOY was I wrong. Now" I ant gots no money and I just got paid"
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warn is the best

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i like them their really relaiable

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I may be wrong about Recon being a rebadged Warn... I think it may be a Tabor that is a rebadged Warn. I can't remember now.
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Originally Posted by cdoughty View Post
Hello Everyone,

I have been looking at winches for my truck for about a month now and have came across a winch made by RECON. I was wanting to know if anyone has any experience with these winches or have heard anything about these winches. I am interested in purchasing the 17,500 lbs winch that RECON makes. For the price it seems like a great deal. I dont want to sacrifice dependability for price though. This winch is going on a 2004 Chevy Crew Cab Duramax 4x4. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks
I have heard they are good, what do you plan on doing with it...Right now these are the biggest winches available from any manufacturer (Warn offers a Specialty 18K to the military though)...
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Default winch

Well Logan
What I can tell you so far about the recon winch is that it looks well made and as close to a warn as I have seen. Also as I was come a longing my way out of the snow covered ditch last week I came to the conclusion it does no good to have $3000 worth on Iron Bull bumpers and a winch sitting 5 miles away in a garage

Btw , Mine is going on a white truck the same as yours
Hope to just use it as eye candy . As its hidden behind the bumper , If anyone asks i will tell tem it's a warn or ramsey! LOL

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I like my 12K MileMarker Hydraulic. A couple issues with the hand controller, but customer service fixed the problem.
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I was reading this thread with interest.
Because I also have a winch in mind.
Europe is flooded at the moment with cheap China copied winches. So I sat down and have written warn a letter why I should buy a warn winch. Because I could get 3 copies for one real winch.
They responded in the following way:

a) Winches are still made in the US and the cheaper ones in Mexico.

b) Only motors and solenoids are built in China, but they use Bosch motors with bosch quality control.

c) spare parts are available anytime.

d) engineering costs money, that has to come back.
American workers get american wages.
A copied winch saves costs and allows to cut edges with cheaper materials.

d) customer service at warn is outstanding.

So what are you going to buy- if you depend on it?

As an European I like the arguments and I'm not going to support those tiny people with their blue working dress.

Or are you driving a Chinese quality copied car?

Good day Michael,

Thank you for visiting the WARN web page.

I have copied a link to our Corporate section of the web page, this gives you an overview of WARN’s history.

WARN has a 200,000 sq foot manufacturing facility in Clackamas Oregon, this is where all the machine work and assembly takes place of our winches. We machine all the planetary gears, spur gears, drums, brake components, drum supports etc in this facility. We receive raw stock (steel bar stock for planetary gears, steel tube for ring gears and winch drums, plate steel, hex rod etc) into this facility, and perform the cutting, broaching, machining, welding etc. processes to these materials to make the winch components. The aluminum castings are sourced from a local vender, but all final machine work takes place in Clackamas so we can control the quality.

Yes, we do source some components from overseas, in this global market to be competitive this is a must. These items, (motors, solenoids, remote controls) were designed by WARN’s engineers, tested and approved, then go through quality inspection at WARN before they are used in production.

WARN is the biggest name in the off road industry, we have been around for 60 years and plan to be around for another 60 years. WARN has worldwide distribution and offers service parts for the winches, which many other companies do not, so many years down the road you can replace worn parts if necessary.

Taubenreuther is our distributor in Germany, I have copied their contact information below. They have been selling WARN products for more than 20 years, so they have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right winch for you and to mount it properly to your vehicle.

Best regards,

Steve Schoenfelder

WARN Industries

In my opinion this is an honest answer, worth to save the dimes.

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WARN is a great company. Living 20 mi away from them, I get to share the trail with WARN engineers on a consistant basis. They are all great, down-to-earth guys and they use their products hard.

Personally, I would rather buy a used WARN winch than anything else... It's the best bang for the buck right there.
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I have been running a Smittybilt xrc8 on my rockcrawler and its held up pretty good for the price I can complain. I just looked up on the site and they make up to a 12k now.

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