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Old 03-14-2012, 02:12 AM
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Default please help, dana 60 axle problem

my names brad, i just got finished rebuilding a front dana 1992 dana 60f that i swapped into my truck, i set up the gears/ put in all new bearings, shims, and seals. (the hub locked up while driving causing the pinion bearings to seize because there was no oil in it because i was waiting on a new cover to come before i filled it up with oil, idea was to keep the hubs unlocked and it would be just fine till the cover came, i was wrong, because the hub locked itself while driving it seized the bearings on the pinion locking up the passenger side tire at 45 mph, no fun.) now for my problem. the hub assebly on the passenger side keeps getting extremely stuck, as in i custom fabricated a hub slid hammer for a dana 60 hub just to get it out. upon dissasembly of the hub itself i found that there was some rust inside, so i cleaned it all up and now it spins nice and smooth. so all is going good, upon assembly of the passenger side i notice that the axle is not coming out of the spindle in a strait line, and as the pinion rotates, the axle shaft travels aroung the outer area of the spindle sliding against the inside of the spindle all the way around.

by the way it slides around the outside keeping a constant distance i am guessing the axle shaft is bent? which i would think is extremly hard to do on the short side but idk what these axles were put through before i bought them. seeing as the guy told me they were 4.10's when now i know they are 3.54's. the axles are locked up front and rear, the front was welded by the previous owner, which i dont like but oh well. can his ugly welding caused the carrier to distort/ or have a effect on the direction the spiders point that the axles go through causing it to be out of true?

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any help and advice on what to check and or buy to remedy/fix the problem is greatly appreciated. thank you to all who respond

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you can see the weld job they did, and i know for a fact they did not pre heat and post heat the cast iron.(i am going to school for weld engineering, just started classes) and from what my dad tells me when you do a welded locked you just lay beads in the spider gears, you dont actually weld them to the carrier. also one of the many welds is cracked. so i hope these pictures help to get me to the anwers im trying to find.

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Old 03-19-2012, 07:12 PM
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Since your that far into it, pull the spindle and check the shaft.
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