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Land Rover Discovery Diesel Swap/Purchase

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Land Rover Discovery Diesel Swap/Purchase


Old 07-12-2018, 04:47 PM
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Default Land Rover Discovery Diesel Swap/Purchase

I have caught "Disco fever" and have decided that it will likely be the next vehicle that I buy. For a while I was leaning towards a 7.3 Excursion or SD but those platforms are a bit larger than what I need right now, but I definitely see myself getting either one of them down the road. I love the Land Rover Discovery platform, despite many of its weaknesses, and can't justify putting up with the V8 that it comes with. I am looking for something slightly more economical and that could tow 5K-7K easier. As I see it I have two options in regards to getting a diesel Discovery.

1: Wait a few more years and just import a 200/300 TDI from the UK or AUS. Cost would be roughly $10K-$15K, no work, just patience and some trust that I find the right rig and don't get ripped off.
2: Buy a US Disco and swap in a diesel. Possibly same amount of money, would be cooler, would be more unique, but definitely presents many challenges.

If I go with option number 2, I know people have had luck with both the 4BT and 6BT with varying degrees of success. I was actually thinking about swapping in a 7.3 IDI. Reason being, the IDI is almost identical in size to the Rover/Buick V8 but with an additional 500 lbs, and with the VF5 the total package actually comes in a few inches shorter than the V8/auto setup. Achieves fairly decent economy, I assume it would be higher than what people claim on their 250/350 since the Disco is a much smaller vehicle. And it produces more desirable power/torque while not overloading the rest of the driveline. If I did this I would obviously update the suspension and other driveline components to handle the additional weight and power. I like the idea of the 4BT but I just have a love affair with the 7.3 IDI and choose that over the 4BT for that simple reason. Just like most diesel swaps, doesn't make sense, it's just something I want.

I figure if I could mount the 7.3 IDI engine and transmission (IF) and if I can get all of the accessories to fit and a proper cooling system (another IF), then I could use the current gas tank and order the 200/300TDI sending unit (and tank if needed), run the lines and setup the remaining parts of the IDI fuel system, then I would just need to figure out how to mate the ZF5 to the Discovery's transfer case and then setup the guages and wiring. Matching the ZF5 to the transfer case seem to be my biggest unknown at this point.

So I am crazy, on the right track, or should I just wait and be a lazy SOB and import one?
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Would you be interested in purchasing a discovery that has already been swapped? A customer of mine has a discovery with a 4bd1t nv4500 already swapped into it. He has to many vehicles and was looking at selling this a couple months back to make room. If you are interested i can give him a call and see what he wants for it etc and get more details for you. I need to call him anyway about a vehicle i am building for him

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