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Air in Fuel Filter Housing

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Default Air in Fuel Filter Housing

I have a 1994 Chevy Silverado 6.5 L that apparently is plagued with trouble. When I bought it a couple months ago, I replaced the fuel filter and the lift pump. Upon replacement of the lift pump, I found that the previous owner had wired the old pump so that it ran all the time. I changed it to the original configuration. I drove the truck several days to work and back with no issue. I have always had a problem with just barely toucing the accelerator and the RPM's continue to rise as if I was pressing harder and harder even though I am holding a steady pressure. It makes driving 45 MPH very difficult. I was leaving work one afternoon and the truck stalled in the parking lot. It would not crank after that. I had it towed back home, and I replaced and relocated the PMD. I started up after several hours of trying to bleed the fuel system. There was only about an inch of fuel in the filter housing. I jumped the lift pump relay and watched the housing fill with fuel. I didn't notice any bubbles in the fuel. Then I decided to pull my boat with the truck. As I was travelling down the interstate, I noticed that the truck was smoking heavily when going up hills and seemed to not have the power that one would expect. I had also been having a SES light that would be on at idle, go off with higher RPM's. I found that the vacuum pump was not working so I replaced it yesterday. That resolved the issue with the SES light. I went to eat lunch, and the truck did not want to start in the parking lot of the restaurant. It did start on the third try, but when I reversed out of the parking space, it went about two feet and stalled again. Luckily, it started up and I was able to get it home. I suspected the previous issue had returned so I removed the filter housing. Sure enough, there was hardly any fuel in the housing. My filter is the type that has the plastic top and retainer ring all-in-one. I am wondering if it is not sealing and letting air in. I don't notice any fuel leaks. I have not tried to replace that OPS. I don't really have a way to leak check the fuel line coming from the tank, so I may just replace that line. I thought it might have been a pin hole in the lift tube in the tank, but the tank is completely full when this happens. This truck is nickel-and-diming me to death, and right now I have no other means of transportation. Can someone suggest something I might try or how the air might be getting in the system? So that's the sum of the problems at this point: 1. Rising RPM's with steady accelerator pressure 2. Air getting in the fuel filter housing. I need new tires, but I don't want to spend that kind of money on a money pit that is never going to run.
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