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Default CPS

Ok 7.3 owners, here is a lil edumacation for those of you who havent had the joy of your 7.3 cps going out on you. We all know that the cps is a part on the 7.3 that will eventually leave you sitting somewhere. Have no fear. Be thankfull that it is as easy of a fix as it is. Mine crapped out on me on the way to Hooters last fall. It was the original with 99,000 miles on it. They used to be $197 at the Ford dealer. I WILL WARN YOU NOW! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE AN AFTERMARKET FORD CPS SENSOR. NOT EVEN ADVANCE OR AUTOZONE! They will leave you sitting very very soon after you put them in. For those of you that have one in and it hasnt gone bad yet keep reading. They are now as of 05/01/2007 no around $27 dollars at the Ford dealer. I carried a spare even when they were $197. That night on the way to Hooters I coasted into the parking lot and grabbed my spare and put it in. Do not leave home without a spare in your glove box. You will feel sick knowing you just had your truck towed, diaged and repaired for about $300 or more when you could have fixxed it. The tools required are these.

1. Flashlight
2. 3/8 ratchet
3. 3" extention "not needed with deep well socket"
4. 10mm short or deepwell socket
5. Long handled flathead screwdriver

The Camshaft Position Sensor is located to the top left of the crank pully as you look at the front of the engine. After you take out the 10mm bolt take the flat head screwdriver and pry up on the sensor to pop it out. Dont worry if you drop the bracket you get a new one with the sensor. Just dont loose the bolt.

Symptoms of a bad cps.

1. Truck sputters for no apparant reason every once in awhile
2. Truck shuts off on own but fires right back up
3. Truck shuts off and does not fire right back up

When the truck shuts off due to a cps it will be just like someone turned the key off. BAM right now!

The 2 most common codes the cps sets are a P0340 and a P0344. There are a few things that can cause those codes but if you know they werent in there before your truck shut off rest assured its your cps.

Any questions let me know.

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Default 7.3 Cam Position Sensor repair

The indications for a bad CPS will be intermittent miss, stalling, check engine light, etc.

The cam sensor is a common repair on the 7.3. A CPS can fail at any time just like a light bulb so I recommend you carry a spare “black” Ford CPS in your glove box along with a 3" extention, 10mm 6pt 1/4" drive socket. Use the 6 point so not to round the bolt head incase it is really tight.
What will happen is the truck will suddenly quit running and sometimes it will start again instantly and occasionally it will restart after you let it sit for a minute or two....and every so often it will not start at all. The cam sensor is the most frequent reason for a stall out on a 7.3.
Under the truck you will see a brass piece that looks like a peg just over top of the main pulley on the passenger side of the truck. There should be an electrical plug near the brass piece that you need to unplug. Take out the 10mm bolt that holds the sensor in place. When the bolt has been removed you can get it out by twisting and pulling straight out on the sensor. The brass piece will just come off if you use it for removal so don’t even mess with it. Now replace it with the new one (don’t forget to add some oil to the new o-ring) and your done.

Pics to come soon...
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merged threads. thanks, guys.

did you ever find your pics for this??

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