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Diesel Site vs Dyno Proven HPOPs. Diesel Site Wins!

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Default Diesel Site vs Dyno Proven HPOPs. Diesel Site Wins!

I was driving my truck on Jan 2, 2017 in normal traffic and around 40 degrees, and all of a sudden it cut out like the key was turned. I looked at my Edge monitor and noticed that I had no injection pressure. I pulled the truck over and there was oil all over the valley of the motor. I figured I had blown an HPOP seal or line and called for a tow home.

Upon getting home I looked in the valley of my engine and the entire guts of my high pressure oil pump had spit itself out in the valley of the motor. The snap ring was in the valley, all the little pistons, swash plate, etc. Hopping online, it looked like a lot of people were happy with the Adrenaline pump, and I had been very happy with my orders from Diesel Site, so I ordered one up.

I got to work the next weekend (the pump came in 2 or 3 days) and started tearing my truck down. Upon removal of the inspection cover I noticed it said "Dyno Proven" and remembered the previous owner of my truck stating he had put in a new HPOP but I didnt recall the brand. Once I got the pump out, I noticed it had HB00498 stamped on the bottom.

Looking online I figured I had a Honey Badger pump, not a stock pump, which presented a challenge in that I could not get core on the Honey Badger pump from Diesel Site.

I contacted Dyno Proven on Jan 10, 2017. Nothing I had seen would prepare me for the awful runaround that followed next. Initially I called asking if they would send me $250 on a core charge for their pump that failed, and I would send the pump back to them. This did not seem unreasonable as it was a bad pump from them and they value a core at $300. At the very least they would get their failed product back for R&D and if they could reuse the housing it would save them the machining cost. I followed my phone call up with an email and pictures of the pump.

They replied to me on Jan 11 stating that I could return it and they would send me a core, but that would be more runaround for me. I just wanted the core charge. I asked that Dyno Proven send me a prepaid mailer to return the failed pump.

On Jan 16, I got an email from [email protected] Proven stating that if I sent my address they would send me a label to get my pump returned.

Nothing ever showed up to my email or in my mailbox.

On Jan 25, I sent an email to Dyno Proven asking where my mailer was. No response
On Jan 26, I sent another email to Dyno Proven asking where my mailer was. No response,

I called Dyno Proven on the afternoon of Jan 26 and spoke to Johnathan, the owner. He stated that he understood where I was coming from, and would consider offering me store credit or a refund, but he wanted to sleep on it and would call me in the morning. I found this a bit odd, but OK. I told Johnathan I was leaving on vacation on Feb 1 and really wanted this resolved.

Friday Jan 27 came and went - no phone call from Dyno Proven
Fast forward to Feb 16, 2017. 3 weeks since my initial phone call and 20 days since I was told I would get a call back. I call and ask for Johnathan. He is busy but returns my call in a few minutes. I ask Johnathan if he stands behind his products and if he will give me a core charge on his failed pump. He tells me he will not, and he has so much work he hopes I actually take some of it away from him. He never apologized for breaking promises and not returning my call. I explain to him that I do not feel I am asking too much, considering how much his failed pump has cost me including a ruined clutch due to the oil being dumped down the back of my motor. Master Mechanic Johnathan states that I can just hose it down with Brake Clean and it will be fine. I hope he was kidding. He will not stand behind his product in any way. From the Google Reviews of Dyno Proven, I am not the first person he has screwed.

Feb 17, 2017. On a whim, I called Diesel Site. I spoke with Jennifer, who was friendly and understanding. She stated that she was sorry I had such a poor experience with Dyno Proven, and that Diesel Site would extend me goodwill and give me a core charge back on the failed Dyno Proven pump, She stated that Diesel Site has figured out how to repair the Dyno Proven pumps and turn them into reliable Adrenaline pumps so they can still use my core, even though it is not a stock pump and getting close to outside the 45 day window to return due to all the screwing around I did with Dyno Proven. Jennifer also told me of a company that would offer a good replacement clutch for my truck. Diesel Site has earned a customer for life.

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