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Old 06-26-2009, 04:45 PM
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Default broke DOWN

ok i am about 2 months with out my truck i have a 03 5.9 cummins 6 speed this all started with a tiny miss while at idle (i have a bullydog) ok well about day 3 i had to use starting fluid to get it to start and it still ran bad and was getting worse by about day 4 it had a real bad ping(detination) noise and was throwing p0341 (cam shaft postition sensor range/performance) and p0088 (high fuel rail pressure) and maybe a few more but they were not important. i put a new cam shaft and crank shaft sensor in and check the wires and it did no good we were fixing to work on it again and i went to turn it around and it started blowing white smoke everywhere really thick. my buddy said i just blew a piston so we tore it down and they were fine while it was tore down i put a head gasket in it. so i took my injectors in to have them tested and 4 of them were popping of around 350 bar and one would not pop off and one would not pressure up so i had 2 good ones givin to me ( lucky) got them back in and torqued to spec and nothing still running bad and so on finally got the money to put injectors in it last friday so i bought 6 of em 2130 dollars put them in and still running like crap had it hooked to a computer and number 3 dead so i took that injector back and got a new one and the p0341 and p0088 came back i changed the fca on the back of the pump and the pressure sensor and regulator on the fuel rail and got rid of the p0088 with a scanner but the p0341 kept coming back at one point if you messed with the throttle for a lil bit after getting it to start it would idle good but after you killed it it would run like crap. once you got the truck going down the road it would run great just idle real bad. i took the bully dog off of the truck 2 days ago, messed with the truck yesterday and no luck today it will not start and while it cranks its blowing white smoke so i guess it blew injectors somehow while sitting over night their is 3 of us messing with the truck and we all know a little about working on diesles but we need a dodge guru to help us i am going broke and starting to get agrivated any help will be very muched liked
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Old 06-26-2009, 04:52 PM
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take it to a diesel mechanic.. sounds like your problem is for an experienced expert.

hope everything works out. take the bullydog off then see wat happens. probably not the injectors unless ur pushion more then the injectors can handle.
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might have a crack in the fuel line somewhere
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