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5.9 Liter CR Dodge Cummins 03-07 Discussion of 5.9 Liter Dodge Cummins Diesels with Common Rail Injection

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Default Symptom: Diesel fuel in Crankcas. need guidence/advice

Symptom: Diesel in Crankcase

I have never touched a diesel engine before, but I am reasonably competent behind the right tools. I am hoping someone can help me in figuring out if am approaching my problem correctly.

I just bought a 2003 5.9 HO 6sp that has (Developed?) an issue. When purchased the oil was at the correct level and reasonably clean not fresh. Upon changing the oil yesterday, I came to need more then 3 gallons of containers for my used oil (By about 3 Quarts!). Smelling like diesel I double checked the level letting it run for only 45 seconds and parked it. I browsed you tube and a few post, I ordered a injector leak kit (the cheapest start) From what I can understand, this will only show if fuel is leaking into the top of the head and of course mixing with oil at this point. I would also more then likely purchase some dye and put it into the fuel filter to help identify any other topside leak. I have read about two other possibilities.
2) stuck injector
3) Injection pump leaking at the front of the pump into what must be the front case cover??..

Without guidance I guess I would pull the injection pump inspect it and verify a bad seal or not and regardless replace any seals and reinstall. Open stuck or leaking injectors resulting in fuel dumping into the cylinder has me stumped as how to verify.
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I should clarify. I only ran the motor for 45 seconds after the oil and filter change.In addition I did not thinking about it. I am assuming one can not due a leak down test on an individual injector due to the common rail setup.
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