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Old 04-08-2012, 01:32 AM
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Default Hard starting

Ok, I intalled the airdog 150 and since have started having hard starts. I have tried hooking the air dog up to a circuit that only has power when the truck is running in an attempt to make sure its not over fueling the vp. Today when i went to start the truck it was very slow to even turn due to all of the time spent starting it lately. I bought a battery and now it turns fine just still doesnt want to start right away. The truck would start almost instantanously before the airdog.
I have read that a diaphram in the vp might be cracked cause it to loose prime, or even put too much pressure on the low pressure side. I have tested the power on the truck everything seems to be pushing correct.
Guess I would like to know of any ideas. Oh I did check the overflow valve that doesnt seem to be the problem it does the exact same thing with or without it, without is just alot more of a mess.
I even tried unhooking the power to the airdog and seeing if it would start even if long enough to suck the fuel from the system, just turns and turns.
I really dont think it would be an injector or anything because the truck runs out great. Idles at 8 pretty steady.

At a loss here and really tired of spending money on that damn wild goose.

I am almost positive i need a new VP, but if i replace it and it doesnt fix the problem you guys will for sure see the truck on here for sale in the future . But on that note it will have alot of new stuff on it.

Thanks in advance and any thoughts should help.
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Old 04-12-2012, 02:43 AM
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Ok so I read somewhere else to check my starter and so was going to do so this weekend. Well on my way in to work tonight normal stop at QT came out to a very slow start attempt, and then nothing not so much as a click. Was troubleshooting everything I could think of in a hurry.

Got a ride to work left to fix or move the truck so it wouldn't get towed tried to jump the starter at the posts,, nothing. Took the starter off put a new one on and just like that the truck fired up. I think it was running before I had the key all the way forward. Easy $150 quick change in the parking lot seems to be all good

My arms did get pretty sore reaching that top bolt the truck sits so high but again all good

Thanks to whoever the person was that posted that I think it was on this forum just not sure I was all over the web looking for solutions when I saw that
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