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Default Overhead Console Map light switch repair

Your overhead map lights don't work anymore?

Do they look like this?

Let's fix it.

If the lens still clicks when you push it, check the bulb.

If its loose and floppy, the switch is probably toast.

The bulb is a 906, go to NAPA/Autozone/Checkers and get a pack.

To remove the the consoles there are two tabs in the garage door opener compartment, the right one was already broken off, I swear:

Press/release them, pull the front down a little and slide the console to the rear of the cab, the back looks like this:

It takes a little force, so don't panic.

If you have a overhead display it will look like this:

If not (notice that the passenger side switch is completely gone) :

Here's why the switch doesn't work anymore, if its even still there:

Here's the tab to remove the lens to change the bulb, use a pick or small screwdriver:

There are two different versions of the switch I've encountered, they function the same:

Digital Display Models(D)




Here's the replacement part from Digi-Key, part# 527PB-ND, JUDCO# 40-4169-00:

I'm not using the threaded collar, the switch has a grove just like factory already, just slide it back in.

Looking from the back of the factory switch(black side)
Left/Yellow = To main console plug (door switch/dimmer control)
Center/White(S) or Black(D) = From Bulb
Right/Black = To main console plug (Ground)

I like matching wiring colors as much as possible.
I wired the black to black, white(or center black) to white, and red to yellow.
But you can just wire it up left to right, works the same.

Finished product:

So for the TLDR crowd who just want the info:

Bulb: 906, Qty 2
Switch: JUDCO# 40-4169-00, Qty 2
Time: 15-30min or 1-2 beers
Applicable Years: 1994-2002 (2nd Gens)

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