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24 Valve 2nd Gen Dodge Cummins 98.5-02 Discussion of 24 Valve 5.9 Liter Dodge Cummins Diesels with VP44 Injection Pumps
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Default cummins sputtering

ok gents so i was on my way home from work and my truck all of the sudden wouldnt let me go over 60 mph. i didnt know what was going on at all so i pulled off the side of the road and popped the hood. no burning smells not leaking anything running normal. so i check my fuel filter it looked fine. after that the truck started to jump about 500 RPM's rev up then down and it did this for about a mile and a half. I was going up a hill and then i look out my passenger mirror and i notice it was blowing white smoke. i stop again on the side of the road and shut the truck off and pop the hood again and turn the key on and try to listen for any noise under the hood and i couldnt hear anything. i switch my fuses for my fuel system and my high beams and still no noise. so i drive it for about another mile and a half and park it and it was still running like that. what could it be? anything serious? what am i looking at for parts? and do they have to be ordered threw dodge? all the help would be awesome. i really cant afford a lot at this point in time seeings how im getting out of the marines and moving to ohio this was the last thing i needed. please help!
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