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Default Fuel Gauge Sending Unit Option

The fuel Gauge in my 1992 Dodge Cummins went dead awhile back, and it turns out the sending unit was bad.

Dodge no longer offers the unit for this truck, and in my searches, I kept finding sending units for the Dodge Dakota, from around the same year.

Even though they LOOKED the same, the problem was, they had a completely different part number.

When i called Dodge, the dealer looked it up, and said that it was NOT listed as being interchangeable, BUT, according to the description, the Dakota sending unit was designed to work in a 15, 22, or 25 gallon tank, and since my vehicle had the 25 gallon tank, we decided it was worth a shot, and I ordered an aftermarket one, since the dealer didn't carry those either.

Well, it works.

Turns out, even though it's a different number, the sending units used in the dodge Dakota around the same era as the 1st gen dodge Diesels ARE interchangeable. At least the one I got was.

Mopar W0133-1876194 Mopar Fuel Tank Sending Unit was the one I got, and it's listed as being interchangeable with

W0133-1876194, W0133-1876194-MPR, W0133-1876194MPR, MPR W0133-1876194

I've yet to see this info on ANY forum ANYWHERE, and wanted to share.

I filled up, gauge went to full. It was down to 1/4 tank when I filled again, and it only took enough fuel for about 3/4 of a tank's worth. So I do believe this IS a viable option since no one carries the "original" part number.

Just wanted to put it out there.
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Good info, there are a lot of parts, even from different manufactures that interchange, but are not listed! I had a very leaky power steering box on my 97 Jeep, I had one from a 92 Chevy Blazer laying around, exact fit, just had to swap pitman arms! Both boxes were made by the same supplier, but the Chevy box doesn't leak at 60,000 miles like the Chysler box did. The Chevy box had nearly 200,000 on it and is still going strong.
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