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Default snorkel

i need a snorkel for my 12valve i do a lot of muddin & river crossing & i need a snorkel to get water outa intake i already have stacks so dont have to worry bout water coming into engine that way.if anyone knows of a website i can order one id appericate it
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Airflow Snorkels for Dodge, they also carry some as well
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a snorkel is useless unless you prevent the other areas that can get damaged,IE fuse panels and solnoids.
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Originally Posted by nation View Post
a snorkel is useless unless you prevent the other areas that can get damaged,IE fuse panels and solnoids.
I would have to disagree. I would rather rather have a truck that needs to dry out, vs a hydro-locked engine. Maybe you can't drive out, but at least it is cheaper to recover.
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Not just a dry out with today's trucks. Computers don't like mud or water. My freighliner windshield leaked and cost the company a butt load for towing and repairs. And that was just rain, no mud. Gotta seal it all!
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Agreed, plus having cool water hit a 1000 degree turbo too, and the ecm, and pcms are not waterproof by anymeans, they did not make them to be river crossers. Im not saying you cant do it. you can do it once or twice. I have friends with late model vehicles they river cross with, but they put butloads of money and time into sealing the ecm, pcm, and the eletrical and cab.
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Buy a boat
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Snorkels are better than having a intake sitting under you hood. i dont do any serious mudding but do offroad and my buddy waterlocked his dodge dakota just because he went to fast through a puddle that wasnt even deep like a foot deep and got water in his air box. and as for a kit id just do the pvc pipe with a high flow airfilter. Cheaper and easier to do. and you may want to look at relocating you oil breather as well.

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My intake for my Samurai is actually snorkeled to under my dash as the fact that it is rolled on its side often there was no way to put it out side. I use dielectric grease on anything I can and have my computer up above any water line I have to play in. Keep in mind that even a foot of water can allow water into the factory intake as it is splashed around. Your computer is only really in jeopardy if you are over a safe crossing height already.

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