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Default 96 7.3 powerstroke for all the 7.3 experts or possibly an engineer

Alright here we go...might need an engineer to figure this one out..

Workin on a 96 7.3 powerstroke came in with a complaint of it not starting sometimes...when I started it up to pull into shop it fired up immediately...couldn't get the problem to occur. Hooked scanner up to to read codes and look at data pry had the key on for 3 min More than enough time for the gp coil to cycle to starting it to read data and cranked for about 8 seconds then started loading up and puffin smoke like crazy out the exhaust and even the wastegate on the turbo. Pulled valve covers and tested glow pugs with test light found two open ones thought maybe two cylinders being cold would cause enough to make it load up...put back together and problem never accured...week later guy came back for same reason this time I went to start it and it cranked for awhile and loaded up again and looked at turbo and it had fuel coming out the waste gate running down the back...decided to pull injectors found back two with ripped o rings replaced o rings on all 4...thought for sure it would fix it...nope...did every test in the book I could think of checking wiring from idm to each injector found nothin so threw a new idm at it and it didn't change a thing...took the chip out of it thinking it might be causing...started it up and drove it acted the same other than less power without the chip...so pulled all injectors to send em down and get tested...two tested bad so got two new ones all new o rings all new glow plugs...tried starting it and from injectors it takes while to build oil pressure but this time it just cranked and cranked and cranked every time it would build oil pressure as well...tried about 4 different times at about 20 seconds each time finally just grabbed wd40 and fired up after cranking about 8 seconds...it was smoking quite a bit but figured it was just burning the oil in the cylinders...drove it and never came out of it smoked like bitch all the way down road and back about 10 miles.. this time we pulled the manifold and started it and fuel was literally spitting out of the #7 and #5 cylinder holes...no idea why after knowing that all injectors were good and every o ring and copper washer were on em...did every test I could think of for a second time nothing...thought maybe a cracked head..pulled that didnt find anything real consurning other than I took a camera through the fuel rail and what i thought was a crack inside the rail next to the valve...got new one out on tonight with new cups and everything cranked it over about 3 times this time started up ran like **** and was doing the exact same thing as it has been doing...last thing I could think of was reading the injector drive signal going to the injectors form the idm.. hooked an amp probe up and every injector was getting the same and correct amp signal as the other..checked the voltage wire going to each injector measured the same and correct voltage as well..I'm lost on what to do next...any help would be very much appreciated

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