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02 7.3 Frying PCMs


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Question 02 7.3 Frying PCMs

Need a some serious help. I bought a 2002 7.3 manual CC that was smacked in the LF corner and would not run. Scanner would not connect to read codes. After days of test, I swapped out the PCM with an 2000 auto truck and it ran. So i sent my PCM off to get repaired and SIX WEEKS later i got it back. When i went to swap it the batteries were stone dead. I found my kids left a dome light on. So i charged the batteries and tried to start it with the borrowed PCM before i swapped in the repaired original and no start. I found that the PCM fuse was blown(F22) and it had a 30a fuse in it(should be 20a). Replaced that and nothing. Had code p1668 and a couple others for trans stuff but the PCM was out of an auto so i ignored those. I swapped the IDM and nothing and tested wires at the IDM and all checked out except resistance on a few of the left bank injectors were slightly higher than spec. So I put in the original repaired PCM and it ran, no lights or codes. I drove it a couple times and tried to start it today and nothing. Code reader will not connect again. I think it fried the PCM again. That makes 3 times. I'm completely lost on where to go from here or how or what to test now. This thing is bleeding me dry. ALL BIG BRAINS PLEASE HELP!!!
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