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Old 01-03-2018, 08:01 PM
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Default 01 excursion 7.3 surging with detailed discription

bucking getting more noticeable/more common/worse
==starts immediately.
==cold idle cammy/surgy sometimes. warm idle almost always smooth but sometimes cammy.
==not bucking cold.
==warm weather bucking once needle hits bracketed area.
==cold weather bucking a while after hits bracketed area, def by mid range.
==bucking when overdrive kicks in, also when overdrive selected to off.
==bucking between 45 and 60. 1100-2000 rpm. seems to correlate with lock up on low end (even if OD selected off. lock up in 3rd?) goes away at 60mph and higher.
==doesnt do it in that speed range if foot off throttle or very little throtle/light load, also pushing pedal a little deeper/moderate accelerating thru that speed range will end bucking until you go back to light throttle.
==oil level fine, tps is 6m old and it doesnt do anything weird when goosed in park
== no codes, hutch mod done a few months ago.

any ideas?
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Old 01-04-2018, 08:58 PM
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I will check the "tin nut" tomorrow and get back to you.

Slight to moderate but noticeable always "miss" is how I mean for "bucking" to be inferred.

Today I installed my new purple motorcraft CPS this afternoon. Drove about 20 miles. Still same symptoms.

Figured out how to get these parameters using my Torque app and the OBD dongle.

I don't know very much about them or what they mean but here is what I saw driving to/from kids karate at 45mph with and without cruise control (still bucks with cruise on) with a few good acceleration runs and downshifts.....

EOT - rose continuously from cold start to ~185F 5-7 miles later.

Boost - usually pretty low, like single digits, but peaked at ~17psi

IPR - ~10% at idle peaked at 51, i think it hung out in teens and twenties most of time.

ICP/HPOP - 550psi cold idle, warmed up a bit, peaked 2800 held ~2400-2600 during my redline accel runs up to ~80mph. 450-475-500 variable hot idle when got home.

TPS - 0-25% for most of drive. 0 when cruise on. It shows full range via OBD when pedal pushed.

Injector PW - usually 2400-3200(us) idle, peaked at 4400. Seems to bounce around a lot without reason.

EBP - 15.3 idle, peaked at 45psi.

Any ideas or input?
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