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Default Looking at 7.3 Got questions

Ok so long story short, I have a 2014 Cummins 6.7 that I just dont use enough to warrant a $40k truck. A friend wants to buy it but i still need a truck to pull my travel trailer.

I found a 01, 7.3 with 300k miles. Basically an older couple bought it from the dealer at 290k within 2 months had starting issues. According to them they replaced;
- New ICP Sensor at 292K miles ($282.76)
- New upper oil pump replaced 03/16 at 295K miles at Dealer ($1292.75)
- New lower oil pump replaced 04/16 at 295k miles at Dealer ($1587.35)
- New PCM (main computer) replaced 05/16 at 295K miles at Dealer ($596.00)

This FINALLY resolved starting problems!

They then did new rear brake calipers, pads, rotors new ball joints front brake pads,bearings, and calipers power steering pump and starter

They've had it since then and only put about 10k miles on it.

They have basically spent 4500 on this truck and are now afraid of it and want to just get rid of it.

Its is really good shape no rust, then again it does have 300k miles. Not sure what an upper and lower oil pump is unless its the HPOP????

What should I look for when I look at it, I've not had a ford since my 88 7.3 IDI.

After that, what would I have left to do with this truck? They said it comes with a TS 6 setting chip that isnt currently hooked up if I want it.

I'm not going to lie, I have a real concern that going from the 6.7 cummins at over 800ft/lb to the ford at 500 i'll be upset with pulling power, just not sure what to expect. Travel trailer is 9k dry, realistically 11k but could be as high as 12 on long trips.

Help me out guys!

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