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Old 04-16-2017, 03:27 AM
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Default php hydra..

so upon our friendly moderator's statement that the php hydra chip (paraphrasing) is the best on the market for the 7.3 . I have been doing my research and am for now fairly impressed with the chip and it's capabilities. and am almost ready to spend the 325.00 on this thing.

Now being a "" fan I am leery of "chips" and lean more toward flash tuners. However beings that I have never experienced either of the two i enter the tuning world with an open mind
Is there anyone running the Hydra and PHP's latest tunes that can account for the benefit of this specific chip??
Any shift lag or other tranny issues with the 4R100?

Pro's and Con's please.
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Old 04-16-2017, 12:19 PM
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first of i would forget everything you have heard on powerstroke help, that guy is a joke.

tuners work for the 6.0 but a chip is what you want on a 7.3. i have a hydra but still trying to get my pickup back on the road so i havent been able to run it yet. PHP is some of the best tunes on the market and will not let you down.
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