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Default 2002 Powerstroke Valves and Valve Springs Information

Valve Springs
OEM Part Number - E4TZ6513C
Price Each - $1.63

Valve Keeper
OEM Part Number - F4TZ6518A
Price Each Half - $0.25

Valve Seals
OEM Part Number - F4TZ6571A
Price Each - $3.18

Valve Cover Gasket
OEM Part Number - F81Z6584AA
Price Each - $81.52

Intake Valve
OEM Part Number - F4TZ6505C
Price Each - $38.24

Exhaust Valve
OEM Part Number - F4TZ6507B
Price Each - $30.51

Valve Grind Gasket Kit
Includes: Valve Cover Gaskets, Head Gaskets, Intake Manifold Gaskets, Valve Seals And Thermostat Gasket.
OEM Part Number - F4TZ6079CCC
Price Each - $264.03

Valve Spring Compression
Note: Pressure [email protected] height Intake 71-79 lbs. @ 1.833 in
225-249 lbs. @ 1.352 in
Exhaust 71-79 lbs. @ 1.833 in
225-249 lbs. @ 1.352 in
Valve Spring Free Length (Approximate) Intake 2.0750.150 in
Exhaust 2.0750.150 in
Valve Spring Assembled Height Intake 1.767 in
Exhaust 1.833 in
Valve Spring Out of Square-Maximum 0.078 in


Valve Stem-to-Guide Clearance (Max) Intake 0.0055 in
Note: Service clearance-.0055.
Exhaust 0.0055 in
Note: Service clearance-.0055.
Valve Face Angle Intake 30
Exhaust 37.5
Valve Face Runout-TIR Maximum 0.002 in
Minimum Valve Face Margin-Intake Valves 0.066 in
Minimum Valve Face Margin-Exhaust Valves 0.054 in
Valve Stem Diameter 0.31185-0.31255 in
Valve Head Recession Relative to Deck Surface Intake 0.046-0.058 in
Exhaust 0.052-0.064 in
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Comp 910 spring are a small upgrade from stockers and good for about 55# boost... Then you need to go to beehives, which I dont have the part number for...
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