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6.4l info + mpg

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Default 6.4l info + mpg

Just recently purchased a used 08 f250 cc 4x4 - 19,200 miles and wanted to provide some information as I have been recording it.

was averaging 11.7 first couple of tanks. 90% of driving is in town (contracting business)

had reflash done and fuel filters changed as well as oil change at dealer next tank was 12.7

bought a flashpaq. was not overly impressed with the programmer because of the transmission shifting alterations. no mileage gain or loss

Regeneration every 300-600 miles, but in the past two weeks had not completed a regeneration cycle. It seemed like everytime it tried to go into cycle I was about to arrive at a meeting and couldn't not drive it around.

Was averaging 15.5 - 16.4 on highway trips with 10% city

I then hand calculated the mileage on the last two tanks and realized that my dash reading was 2 mpg roughly lower than actual hand calculation

bought a dr. performance module and finally got a regeneration cycle started and completed today. Went for 50 mile trip and average 19.2 on way there in headwind and 19.8 on way home with tailwind was cruising at 2000 to 2100 rpm about 75 mph. This according to the dash, but as mentioned before my lie o meter is lying the wrong way.

I used the ford fuel conditioner as well as filling up at the same diesel station everytime.

Anyway I just wanted to share my experience. I had a 2500 gmc with 6.0L gas and cannot believe the performance and enjoyment of driving the f250. I had two work trucks that were 6.0L f250's , but the 08 version is a far superior truck.

Thanks for the information from all and hope to know as much about this truck as I due about my jeep then I might be of some help to the rest of you.
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Driving these trucks in the streets with decent mpg I think is nearly impossible. Driving on the highway especially on long trips is a pleasure. Roomy interior nice dash. My friends always want me to drive Now that diesel went down two 2 bucks instead of 4.70 i'm more than happy
Old 04-28-2009, 04:03 PM
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I don't have a 4X4, & i'm not getting the MPG your getting ????? I'm only getting best so far 15.4 MPG on the highway with (NO CITY DRIVING) & 13 MPG in the CITY !!!
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My 2008 f-350 dually crewcab 4x4 gets amazing fuel mileage!!!!!
Amazingly shitty that is......
7.2 towing on the highway and 9.6 empty 10% city 90% highway!!!!!!
Ford/Navistar 6.4l are the biggest piece of crap ever produced.
Ford should be shot for producing a package such as this.
My 2004 Dodge 3500 dually 4x4 crewcab w/ Cummins get 16.9 average 50/50 highway city and towing.
I'll never buy another Ford.
Oh yeah it is in the shop now 33 out the last 35 days for the running out of power thing.
I am gonna start the Lemon Law proceedings...
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that sucks about the f350 mileage. I am consistently getting 15.3 to 15.5 in town driving 90% I drove to destin, fl and back last weekend at got 18.3 running 80 + there and back. It is strange to me how some of these trucks are getting terrible mileage and some are getting great mileage. I always fill up at the same station, but noticed when making a trip the other day my mileage suffered a little from filling up at at different station( different quality of diesel ?) I am consistenly getting 1.75 to 2.5 mpg hand calculated mileage better than the computer is figuring. I also regen twice a tank on in town driving maybe once a tank on the highway.
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Yesterday I was driving home slight tail wind towing an 18 foot bass boat and was getting 15.5

f250 4x4

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