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Default 2007 6.0 Issue.......Ideas???

I bought this 2007 F250 just a few months ago. I've driven it roughly 10,000 miles and some problems have started showing up. The first problem was that it took a little longer to crank first thing in the morning but would crank fine every other time throughout the day. It has been randomly throwing P0272 (Cylinder #7 Contribution) and P0263 (Cylinder #1 Contribution) about once every couple weeks with P0272 being the most common. About 4 weeks ago, after shutting it down 15 min prior, it would start but had a very low idle speed for about 5 seconds then die. It did this about 10 times and then it finally started responding to the throttle pedal and started running great.
Since then, I'd have a random misfire at a redlight and first thing in the morning when I left for work but i could accelerate hard and it would go away.

This leads me to yesterday. I left work to grab some lunch, the truck started fine but when I stopped at a redlight, it had a bad miss. I tried accelerating hard numerous times and the miss wouldn't go away. I pull the codes up on my Insight and it's showing P0263 & P0269 (Cylinder #3 contribution).
This morning I leave for work and the miss is still there. I decided to pull the codes and now it's showing P0263, P0269, & P1000 (OBD Drive Cycle Not Complete). I get 3 miles down the road and the truck looses power for about 10 seconds then dies. I try starting it over and over and finally after the 6th try, It fires up and runs perfectly. Ran great all the way to work. I just went outside to check it and it's back to missing again.

Now for the truck details.
2007 F250
192,000 Miles
The truck is 100% bone stock. Factory EGR, Oil Cooler, Stock Exhaust, No Tuner.
New Batteries and Alternator. The Oil (Rotella 15w-40), Oil Filter (Motorcraft), & Fuel Filters (Motorcraft) were change 1,500 miles ago.

FICM Voltage doesn't drop below 47v during cranking and maintains 49.0v-49.5v after the engine has started. Battery voltage maintains 13.6v-13.9v constanly but drops to 11.9v while cranking.
ICP shows over 500psi while cranking, around 590psi at idle, and maxes out around 3,800psi at WOT. I've also checked the connector on the ICP and there isn't any signs of oil.

Any ideas on what i've got going on? I'm leaning towards a leak in the HPOP side of the system somewhere but it's just a guess.

Thanks in advance.
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2006 ford E-450 super duty V8 6.0
got engine oil pressure at the turbo inlet line , replaced new high pressure pump and there is no oil at all in the high pressure pump
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