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Default Idi swap help

Ok so i own a 2005 f350. 4x4. 6spd.
has a bad 5.4 3v in it.
I intend to install either a 6.9 or a 7.3 idi.
i chose an idi for its simplicity and reliability. Also they are dirt cheap.

So what i need to know first is what motor mounts to use.....i was told to use the mounts for a 7.3 powerstroke.

I was told that the trans will work fine as the zf5 and zf6 share bell housing patterns and input shafts.

I was told that due to the input shaft being the same i can use the clutch kit for like a 2000 7.3.

So i need to know what flywheel to use also. Do i just use the idi flywheel? Or the powerstroke?

I was also told that i need a custom pilot bearing made as they are diferent between the various engines.

Sooo..... Motor mounts and what clutch parst to use.

My info all comes from southbend clutches. They will sell me everything i need even maching me a custom pilot bearing all for 850. But i wanna try to piece it together to save money.
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