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12v Cummins conversion

Old 11-06-2018, 12:10 AM
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cool 12v Cummins conversion

Please help! I have scoured the website haven't found any data on Swapping a 12valve into a F250. I am trying to build a special one of a kind truck for my Wife Jolene. She's a true Tomboy!
Retired Disabled Navy Veteran. Tell's all my Men friends when they tell her "She's just a girl and to stand backand let a man do that!"
WRONG THING TO SAY TO "JO" Her respone is to grab each of her boob's in both hands and Say the following "MY ***** ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR'S. I JUST WEAR THEM ON MY CHEST, SO THEY DON'T CHAFE"
ALL I CAN SAY IS WHAT A GAL! When we first met her car was a D3500 cummins dually 4x4. We drove that one to the ground. Found a 2000 D3500 Cummins 4x4 manual with 86k on it. A Grandpa's towing truck.
Due to matters out of our control we had to sell it So we are now Truckless and have only one usable car.
So, why am I telling you this. Well I have hatched another one of my Crazy plans and looking for some input.
step one; found a 1968 jeep Gladitor with a 350 Buick Dauntless sm blk, TH400
Step two; working getting the JEEP running and updated. The wiring is a Rat's nest. Nothing worked except the starter got it running. So, have been rewiring and updating electrical systems.
installed a Group 31 battery into bed. with 2/0 custom made cables. Divorced the solenoid from the starter. By installing Ford type Solenoid on the right fender. Got rid of old 35 amp Motorola Alt.
It was toast anyway. Installed 110 amp corvette Alt. Replaced Power Steering pump and hoses. Had the High Pressure hose custom made so that the rumber can be field serviced at any time with Airquip fittings.
Replaced points and plugs.
I know, I know. You'all are saying why waste any time on the old jeep engine. Well I can get this running for now while I prep my Donor frame for the new Beast!
That I want to build for My Joey...
Step Three; found a custom front Bumper with heavey D tow rings and winch for the project, for 260 clams.
Step Four; Fantastic Gray bench seat with armrests and dropdown console. 80clams Near perfect condition.

Step Five; in this step, I allmost killed myself. Getting home with the donor.
I had made a trade for a 1989 F250 heavy Duty 4x4 Chassies. But, I had to borrow a friends truck, (which shouldn't even be on the road let alone towing a trailer)
rent a trailer (from U-*****) and drive 300 miles round trip byself on a very stormy Washington fall day. Im lucky to be home safe on in one piece!!!!
But it was worth it in the end run. It has the Cab & Drivers door, Whole front clip plus a blown 5.7lt engine.
But, the good news it still has both front & Rear Diffs. A Dana 60 in the rear, a
Dana F-250Twin-Traction Beam (TTB) in the front. Both Fuel tanks and a Trailer hitch from hell. I can use some of the old Gas engine electical system componets on the Beast! It had a 2way radio, so extra circut breakers (the kind I'm all ready using.

Step Six; Strip the F250 to the frame and prep for the new Transplanted Engine, Transmission and Transfercase. Check Suspension, upgrade springs, Service Axles, check and replace brakes. Clean and paint Frame.
Step Seven; So here's where I need your guy's help. Should I use a Cummins 12v, or Mercedes 5 or 6cyl, other Diesel options? ( Here's your chance, Ford and Chevy Guys) But , it must have the following Spec's ( NO ECM to control the engine or transmission) this will be a daily driver. But also a hunting offroad & towing beast)
What trans? I was thinking of a Allison 5 speed. Thoughts? What transfer case? what ever Engine I use I am planning on boosting the HP and Torque output. To be able to do the following.
This beast needs to be able to pull at least 15-16,000 lbs and have a GVWR of 12k lbs

Step Eight: After the frame is ready.... Surgically remove the Gladitor Body and Transplant onto the Ford F250 frame.

So what do you think? All idea's are welcome. But, I'm on a tight budget. I have to make it, build it or trade for it.

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