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Question Won't accelerate above 1200 rpm

I have a 2002 ram 2500 diesel. Yesterday I ran it out of fuel. After refueling it was difficult to start. Being a new diesel owner I took to the internet to see tricks on getting the truck primed. A common theme was to take a gas soaked rag and place it in the air cleaner to get it going. This worked a little to well, when it did start it accelerated quickly to an over speed condition. Since this it fires up and idles perfectly, now the check engine light is on and the old girl won't accelerate past 1200 rpm. It is smooth until 1200, then it seems like it is hitting a ref limiter. I scanned the fault codes, and I have the following. P460, P1693, p0251, p0219, p0252, p1688, p1689 and p1693. I'm assuming that I may have trashed the injector pump. I'm looking for any advice or other ideas.
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Not likely you have damaged the pump, you didn't run the gas through it, most likely the computer saw the overspeed and went into limp mode. You probably could clear the codes, and it will run right again.
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Never, ever induce gas into the intake of a diesel. When turning the key to on, you should hear the whine of an electric fuel pump mounted on left side of block down above dipstick tube. They notoriously fail and you don't know it till your situation. This pump is designed to return a decent amount of fuel to the tank to cool the injection pump. All those P16 codes and the p0219 are for the injection pump. They will all point you to testing fuel pressure at the schrader valve on side of injection pump 1st. Try clearing the faults 1st, but don't think that's gonna do it. All are symptoms of inj pump/lift pump failure. Get ready to spend some$$$. Sorry Nothing you did with the gas caused it, just a bad idea, no lubrication to it and all vapor. Good luck.

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did clearing the error codes resolve this issue?
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