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White smoke and no power

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Default White smoke and no power

My 01 f250 has no power. 7.3 diesel we got to pull a camper and occasionally drive it to work. Last couple of times I drove it seemed to lose power. Had a hard time getting it to start other day and I thought its cause of the cold. But on the way home from getting fuel it lost all power. Changed fuel filter and checked all fluids, started it and let it warm up and it's still not building any rpm,s . So what's next? It's got 300k on it but been well maintained. I'm thinking bad fuel, turbo bad,sensors?..Help. also it smokes white and engine lite is on.
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need codes to help out....
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How can I get them
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First thing that comes to my mind when I see white smoke is a blown head gasket. I have a tool I stick on radiator and it changes color if head gasket to water jacket has been compromised. Any shop can stick a probe in the pipe and tell if you do not have the tool.
The Lisle Tool #75500 Combustion leak detector top of tube connects to a vacuum source and the indicating fluid in the tube that sits on top of the radiator will change from blue to yellow if exposed to combustion gases. I bought this tool on ebay for about $50. Your 01 should have a water indicator if fuel is contaminated.I used a water paste to check my fuel.It is an unfortunate but a few stations have contaminated or inferior fuel be it from lack of maintenance or just equipment age.Water is the enemy. When I worked on an FDNY Fire boat Before taking delivery we would always take a fuel sample so we did not have problems. Aviators take fuel samples before each flight they do not have the luxury of pulling off to the side if a poor batch of fuel becomes a problem. Start with the fuel and move onto perhaps head gasket. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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Scott to get your codes out plug a scanner into the Data Link connector . Chances are if you did not know how to get codes out you do not have a scanner . If that is the case go to an advanced , and auto zone or some other parts place these store will usually have a guy to check your codes and sell you the parts you need. Or you can purchase a scanner from any of those stores or from the stores that support this link.They can be bought for less than $100 and work on vehicles equipped with On board diagnostic II or OBD2 with goes back into the late 1980's I believe.

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