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Duramax Trouble Code Requests


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Default 2007 duramax 3500

I need some serious help . Lol diesel technician but dont have ecm pinouts or testing procedures. I have a friend who has a truck. Was running great. All of a sudden throwed a code p698 and a code p0107 so i looked up code tried replaceing apps because i had noticed that when you unplug the throttle pedal and clear codes comes up no active codes upon further searching i found that if you plug apps back in map sensor quits reading complete juzt has a steady pressure reading. I then found when you plug apps in and measure 5v refrence at map sensor and ground at map has you push throttle pedal it changes voltages at map as though the throttle pedal is vering voltage or ground with pedal. Upon plugging new throttle pedal in wouldnt auto calibrate just idle tried disconnecting batteries to reset it due to not haveing techtool or right calibrating tool when you started went full throttle then if you hit the brake cause it to quit going full throttle. Im good at electrical however this is throwing me towards ecm. When throttle pedal unplugged i have my 5 volt ref at map also have 5 volt ref and grounds at apps but when throttle plugged in i have .08 to 1.8 at map but has new throttle pedal any suggestions
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Default P0101 code

I have just got a 2001 LB1 duramax and get this code when i start it up after the truck warms up i can reset the code and it will stay away untill the truck is restarted.mass air flow sensor is fairly new..
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Sad error code

Was re flashing my 2005 Duramax got a error in the middle of the flash. Turn the key off 20 sec. Check the DTC codes was now getting a UNK, U1000, ABS C0040, UNK U1000, ABS C055. Now the truck is dead will not start just set in the drive way. I'm not I'm at the right post hope so.
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