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So I posted awhile back but no one answered. I have a lmm with a full EGR delete with included up pipe and intercooler pipe. Air Intake full 5 in exhaust rail plug I bored out the stock fuel rail fitting. It has a mini max tuner I want efi live it's what's next but for now I run the mini max on 60hp tune and sometimes the street 120hp tune. Here's my issue. If I decide to floor it at a dead stop or if it's rolling in first gear the truck will not drop the hammer in first it will lag first and basically skip it right into 2nd and then ***** and gets. No shifting hard up or down. Motor and Trans work awesome. Mpg is awesome. Every single thing checks out great. I just want to know why it won't drop power in first gear. I boost launched 2 wheel drive on a hard packed dirt road and it put all power to first gear but other then that one time it won't do it. I don't necessarily need it to its just the fact that it won't bothers me. I pulled out on a road that was 55mph floored it because the only window I could get out was still a bit close to with oncoming traffic and it hesitated through first then to second and took off. It's a few seconds but when flooring it needs done it shouldn't hesitate. I think that it may be the trucks computer an maybe the tuner both because they don't want to break a driveline or break something in the transmission? But idk.
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Could be a torque limiter holding power back at that RPM area. My guess is that it will go away if you get efi live. I do my own tuning on my LMM, and they have alot of tables that can limit power output.
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