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Old 01-17-2010, 08:22 PM
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Question 2003 Chevy Duramax LB7

Hello Everyone,

I am sure that many of you have read my previous post about the problem that I am experiencing with my truck. For those of you who did not read the thread here is my problem.

I am hoping for some help from you guys. I drive a 2003 Chevy Duramax Crew Cab 4x4 with the LB7 engine. I have the Banks 4" exhaust and the Banks Cold Air Intake with Super Scoop and the Edge Attitude Chip for aftermarket parts.
Here is my problem: When driving down the road in my truck, the truck will all of a sudden shut off. I coast to a stop and pull over to the side of the road where I try to start the truck with no success. I try several more times to start the truck but have no success. Finally after approximately 10 minutes of setting there the truck will start. It seems like the truck has to cool off before it will start again. The code that is set from my check engine light is a P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit Malfunction. I purchased a Crankshaft Postion Sensor and wiring connector from Chevrolet and replaced the old one. The truck has worked fine for the last couple of days until today when the exact same problem and engine code reappeared. If any one has any ideas or have had this problem before please let me know.

The last couple of weeks I have had no problems until last night when it did it again. After setting there for 15 - 20 minutes I decided to unplug my Edge With Attitude Chip from my truck. After I unplugged the chip and plugged the factory stuff back together the truck fired up the first time. I was wanting to know if anyone else has had this problem with their chips. Thanks for the help guys. Keep the black smoke rollin

P.S. Thanks for the last post. I was looking into the whole ECM thing until this happened last night. I am now leading towards the chip being the problem. What do you guys think?

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Old 01-17-2010, 09:06 PM
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Send the chip to edge and have them take a look at it, its no the first time there has been a bad chip out of the bunch
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Old 01-17-2010, 09:44 PM
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i have had the same problem with my edge, but my truck would start right back up and it didnt throw any codes that i saw. i called edge and they told me to send the juice moduelle in and they did something to it, and its been working fine ever since. luckly the chip was still in warranty and it was free to fix
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Old 01-18-2010, 12:55 AM
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That is good that edge stands by their product. I have ran the Edge w/ juice but stopped. ( My tranny is hurtin' ) The LCD display blacked out due to the Texas heat. I wonder if they will send me a new one.
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Old 01-18-2010, 01:02 AM
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i also had that problem with mine there were lines that didnt go away from my screen and it was still under warranty so they exchanged it for me
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Old 04-16-2010, 06:39 AM
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i had the very same thing happen to me but im running the power pup and the ts mp-8. i never had a problem with it until i plugged in the mp-8! what do you guys think?
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