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Default Lb7 duramax turns off. Posible air leak? Where?

Help? I've been having problems with my 2004 duramax lb7 about a month and half ago I took it to get an ailment to a tire shop and while the employee was driving it shut off on him and would only crank but wouldn't fire up. I called my my mechanic wich he mostly works on is Diesel and got it back ruining with some air to the tank and releasing the fuel with bubbles from the valve in the front of the engine. We also added about 4.5 gallons of fuel becausese it my gadge was reading 1/4 tank. So I drove it for about good 2 weeks and it did it again this time I was bumper pulling a truck on a trailer and it left me stranded 400 miles away from home in a checkpoint in Texas border. My tank was reading a lil under 1/2 a tank and samehad help and we put air in the tank and hold the valve until solid fuel came out. So that day I tried to make it to the delivery point and then had planned to drop he truck with my mechanic, But about 200 miles down the road it did it again slow creeping a light. I was about an hour away from the delivery point and my mechanic was about 45 min away he came we got it started so I drove about 30 miles without fueling and it **** off again this time I was going about 55-60 mph and the was like a power drop and the truck would pull as soon I took my foot of the pedal it shut off completely. Mechanic came again we added 5 gallons and made it to his shop witch was 10-15 miles away. It was parked there for a about two days he only changed the o right by the tank and fuel lines. And applied 40psi and he tank and lines hold the 40 psi for about 30-45 min so assuming that could be the problem I loaded fuel and finish delivering the vehicle to destination I dropped the vechile drove around for a good while as soon it hit a 1/4 tank it turned off on me again that was 3 days ago. Also the last couple tanks I used seafoam just incase of the moisture. Right now he's going to change the fuel filter and maybe replace the o rings in the fuel filter head. Mechanic wants me to drive it around without any loads for a couple tanks not letting the truck to drop under 1/2 tank. Because he thinks it might be a broken line in the tank. But I couldn't risk being stranded because I'm working out of Town. Also truck shut off every time except for when I was loaded while it was on first gear. Close to idel and close to 1/4 tank that's the only connection. Wht do y'all recommend or think I should do?
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