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Old 12-01-2012, 01:30 PM
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Default Flashing Dash/BATTERY Light & High Alt Output????

Recently had a CP3 installed on an 02-LB7. Truck runs great, but I've been noticing that the truck sounded a bit off when starting, perhaps a little slower?? which was a little surprising since the new pump was put on. I wrote it off to paranoia.

I get in the truck the other day (35F ish degrees)and the race CTS locked on the start screen or was off I don't recall. I unplugged it and it was strange that it requested a VIN initially which it never has but I shut it off and it loaded fine. Next, as I'm starting to drive off I notice that the volt meter on my radar detector is registering 15.1-15.3. It is almost always at about 14.5-14.7. Shortly after the battery light flashed for a minute. My drive is about 30 minutes or so and by the time I'm there I see that its back to about normal.

I'm thinking maybe a battery issue, but they are new interstates from Feb/12. The truck sits the whole next day. The following morning I put a meter on the batteries and get 12.5 on the aux and 11.65 on the main. I start it and take off again. Shortly after I get another battery light flash followed by a "change oil". After driving a few miles I start seeing some flashes on the dash. Some of the lights flicker on and off much like when you change power setting on the programmer. All the time I'm still registering 14.9-15.1 on the voltmeter.

I had both batteries checked out at interstate and they load tested fine. I took the alt to get tested at two places and its supposed range is 14.0-15.6. I tested at 15.1 at one place and 14.99 at another.

This all seems to be happening since it dropped down in the mid 30's. Is this normal with all the heaters running or am I missing something? I haven't tried it without the programmer attached or un-programmed to eliminate any programmer malfunctions, but that seems unlikely.

Any suggestions of something I've missed?
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Old 12-01-2012, 09:25 PM
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I would try it with the programmer back to stock, to eliminate programmer issues.

it also sounds like it may be a loose wire somewhere.
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