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Old 06-15-2009, 10:34 AM
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Default New (to us) 1995 Suburban 2500 6.5 TD 4x4 - where to start?

Hey all - new around here but not new to turbochargers

My mother found this nice 1995 Suburban 2500 6.5 TD 4x4 on Craigslist and so we went to see it and subsequently purchased it. It's getting front brakes for state inspection and the A/C fixed all by the seller, and then its ours.

I have a very modified BMW and am familiar with boost gauge, EGT, AFR, etc. I would like to put a boost gauge, trans temperature gauge, and later an EGT gauge in this truck. Its a '95 6.5 TD that runs well with 110k miles, but I want to see what kind of boost its making and the trans temp, and so on.

Where can I get the appropriate gauge holder? I am thinking an A-pillar gauge holder would be best. I will not be the primary driver of this vehicle - my mother will be (she's into cars/trucks too) and so I will show her what to look for. I know where to source the gauges and their senders/vacuum lines, etc., but what about the pod?

I also want to relocate the PMD - I am thinking of just splicing the wiring myself (very mechanically/electrically inclined) and locating it somewhere where heat won't affect it.

Anyway - hello all, this is our first diesel and should hopefully be fun to learn on!

and here is what it might pull:

Thanks guys!
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Old 06-15-2009, 12:18 PM
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you can try but his prices seem to be a little high
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Old 06-16-2009, 05:50 PM
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alright do NOT BUY FROM SS DIESEL SUPPLY AND IF YOU DO ITS AT YOUR OWN RISK. he has horrible service and if you complain he will block your number and ip address so you cant call him or email him. there are plenty of stories out there of this. as far as 6.5 diesel products go to heath or kennedy for them. heath sometimes answers the phone which is unheard of in the aftermarket community for the owner of a large company to do this. so stick to heath and kennedy Heath Diesel

as far as gauges EGTs and Boost are the most important for the 6.5. the 4L80E is a pretty tough tranny and you should get a tranny temp gauge eventually but it is not important as boost and egt. you said you put air fuel ratio gauges on before. no need in a diesel. there is no throttle and the engine is controlled by how much fuel is put into engine so let the turbo do its workand the AFR should be fine.

as far as the PMD relocation if you put it on top of the intake like ss diesel likes to do it will die eventually too. the reason why PMDs failis because of heat. heat rises so putting it on top of the intake manifold does nothing. the most popular places for PMD relocation is behind the front bumper and rear bumper or along the frame rails. this should keep it plenty cool too. by the way i would buy a new pmd just so yiu can use your old one or new one for a extra in case it fails. oh i almost forgot you have to make it weatherproof so if you get a heath pmd it will already be weatherproofed

PS: nice bimmer and burb

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Old 06-17-2009, 08:45 PM
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autometer makes a gauge pod, with the 6.5 0-15 psi boost is all the gage you'll need, get one with bigger scaling for boost levels you'll never see and it will be less accurate, is this going to be a daily driver or looking for some performance out of it ?

You could make a remote PMD, if you do get a new PMD, plug on PMD is unique you'll have to get one from junkyard or cut/splice yours, need a good heatsink, and driver needs to be out of engine bay, 2x on SSD more hassle than they are worth, Heath cost more than some but has best warranty and best support out there, plus actually dives the 6.5 daily, they are the world speed record holder with the 6.5 153 mph at Bonneville last year, they know their chit. IMO if my Mom, I;d be putting a Heath remote one it, they have highest success with drivers over anybody plus 7yr warranty NOBODY ELSE OFFERS

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