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Default Code Alarm delete for swap

**Before you go all key-board warrior, this tread is about a SWAP. Iím not trying to steal your old beater Chevy, and everyone knows this isnít the security flaw in these trucks anyways, so if you are here to type in all caps about theft, you can take your Code Alarm box and shove it up your stupid 9Ē exhaust.**

Right, hereís the situation. Iím in the middle of swapping my 1993 6.5 Turbo Diesel (MT-2WD) into my 1974 C-30. The Ď93 got totaled, stripped, and crushed. Iím currently working on the wiring harness portion (out of vehicle) and would like to delete my Code Alarm system. The Ď74 doesnít have any of the same features as the Ď93 (power locks, windows, remote, etc.) and for the life of the Ď93, the alarm was a pain in the *** in more ways than I care to remember. Now, doing the swap, I am interested in completely removing the Code Alarm unit. The wiring harness is a birdís nest from the factory, and many of the alarm wires are in the way.

Can I completely remove the Code Alarm unit and the associated wiring and still start the vehicle, or will the ECU recognize the lack of alarm unit? If so, how can I bypass the alarm unit? Many thanks, I look forward to rolling coal in my Ď74.
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