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Old 07-12-2013, 06:30 PM
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Default Lots of problems!

Hey all! I am not a mechanic myself but understand basic concepts and have darn good intuition about my truck. Right now I'm having tons of problems. Hard to start with good glow plugs and is getting fuel, glow plugs blowing with a good glow plug controller, and overall crappy performance.

I suspect that there is water in the bottom of my fuel tank but every mechanic I've talked to insists that the only way to get water out of the system is from the water bleed valve on the fuel filter. I have done a little research that tells me there is a water drain syphon valve somewhere on the axle but cannot find it and every mechanic insists it isn't there. Is this true? I suspect that half the problems my truck is having are due to water contamination. I've heard that water in the cylinders can cause glow plugs to blow as well.

Does anyone have any input on this?

Truck also dies when I hit the brakes and stop quickly.

Just really want to figure out what's going on with my baby.
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Old 07-12-2013, 09:16 PM
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I had some of your issues,it was the boost sensor on intake(rectangular sensor)try unplugging it and spraying some kind of electrical cleaner in plug and sensor that worked for me,easy and free to try.There is a T-Valve up buy the radiator,there will be a hose hooked to it that goes nowwhere,with truck running open valve and fuel will come out the hose catch it in a clear jar and let it sit if there is water in fuel it will seperate and you will see it,be ready to shut valve back off because if your lift pump works it will gush out pretty fast.The dying while braking?Hopefully some one else will chime in.

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Tee Valve or water in fuel drain should be mounted to the water crossover manifold near the thermostat housing on a 6.5.

On a 6.2 I forget exactly but if I remember correctly there is just a drain plug at the bottom of the fuel filter housing-been 20 years since I saw a 6.2 up close so can't say for sure.
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