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How did you make out with your fuel pump? I am sort of in the same boat as you. I have a 1986 S1954 chassis that I am building, and in search of some extra Hp.

Here is my recipe so far:
Stock Dt466c engine
MW Pump (it's 10mm) and plan is to back out the fuel nuts like in Neverenuff's video.
I have already mounted an Borg Warner S2E turbo (similar/slightly larger than a 3LM466). It's a fair bit less turbo than what you are running. Pullers seem to use this turbo in stock classes, and I am told is a good 275-300hp fit.
Transmission is a spicer 5+2 with a dual disk 14" clutch.

I am mounting a 1965 F700 Ford/Merc cab and hood. Not going to pull much with it, maybe eventually mount a flat deck. Basically a big pick-up.

I would like to avoid an intercooler, just to keep budget, timelines and underhood clutter to a minimum. I plan to try without, watch the pyro like a hawk, and see where I end up. I also plan to run two big electric 16" fans for the rad, as I had to mount the rad lower and closer to engine to accommodate the smaller hood. The sell electric fan kits for dodge Cummins and they seem to work okay if you keep your weights down. I would think the 466s make a fair bit less heat than an new EGR/350hp Cummins.

Funny thing about EGT's - an old IH mechanic told me that IH stated in their manuals for the early 466's in ag applications not to exceed 1420degF. That's pre-turbo, but man that's higher than anyone else will tell you!
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Originally Posted by nevrenufhp View Post
Depends on the use. If it's just a drag race, take out the nuts on back and the screw on top. There's lots of injector options. A good place for used ones is at pull off.com in the classifieds. Go for up to a 5X17, but a 5x13 is about right. A 4x20 will do it, but they burn pretty dirty. They are quite different than a 12v, but function the same.
nevrenufhp u r brilliant. Most questions people ask you are about racing. I just bought a 1994 international 4900 with a dt466. Guy I bought it from claimed he hauled 17tons with no problem. From what I see, I don't know if he's telling the truth. What can I do to get the HP necessary to haul every day.
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Default mirrors

what are the mirrors off of on your truck
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