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Default How to clean wvo system after sitting for a year?

Hi y'all, I just bought a Jeep YJ that was converted to wvo using a mercedes om617 turbo diesel. The guy I bought it from sustained an injury about shear ago and couldn't climb into the Jeep, so it sat for a year. He put a new battery in it and she started up without an issue.
He has a 2 tank set up with 8 gallon diesel, and original tank for wvo. I've been running it on the diesel only tank without an issue. I started to drain the wvo, and drained 5 gallons of crystal clear clean looking wvo, which was a surprise to me. I only took out about 5 gallons because that was the size of my container, another 5 probably is sitting in the tank.
Any ways, anyone know how I should go about cleaning out the system? I changed the oil and filter, and plan to change the two fuel filters. Any idea how to clean the tank after I siphon the rest out? How about the fuel lines, or should I plan on replacing all of them?
Any thoughts in where I should begin would be awesome. Thanks.

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If you are not planning on burning WVO on the vehicle, then drain what is in the WVO tank, then add diesel fuel, and either burn it in the engine, or drain it, and add more diesel.

Otherwise, if the WVO that you drained was crystal clear, then I would burn it in the engine, until the tank is empty, then run diesel through it to clear out the tank.
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