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Quadzilla Adrenaline 24v Only tuning, and more info.

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Default Quadzilla Adrenaline 24v Only tuning, and more info.

Welp, since it won't let me post it in the Tech 98.5-02 I'll just place it here, hoping I don't **** anyone off for pissing me off for not being able to post in the Tech Section anymore! If you have a tune that you like PM me and let me know the specifics that way we can just keep a running list.

Quadzilla's notes
Power Level 10
Max Pump Stretch 1200
TPS Pump Min 30%
TPS Pump Max 100%
TPS Can Min 30%
TPS Can Max 100%
Timing 7deg
Timing Scale 100%
Boost Scale 38psi
Ok so power level is for you to decide but, it is how we calculate power levels ultimately.
PL00 is always stock with boost fooling.
[COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]PL01[/COLOR] is always timing only/max mileage
[COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]PL02[/COLOR] is always max can+timing
[COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]PL03-PL10[/COLOR] is where the pump stretch is used.

For power levels always remember 0 is considered a level so for you to have off plus 10 power levels you need to have the custom tuning set to 11.

Max Pump stretch. If this is set to 1200 it is added equally amongst the number of power levels starting at 3 through the max power level you requested. In this example you have 8 power levels that use the wire tap so 1200/8 is how you would calculate the maximum added pump stretch on each level. We do a lot of tuning and it is not a static add so you can be anywhere between 0 and 1200uS added stretch on Power Level 10 based on rpm, boost and throttle position.

TPS Min for either can or pump stretch is the same and does not change between levels. This is simply the TPS% you want to start adding the can and/or pump tap fueling.

TPS MAX is also always the same on every level and is also the same for can fueling and timing and pump tap fueling. This is the tps% when you will get to the max amount of your preset pump stretch or the can fueling and timing.

The CAN max and min just allows you to set when the timing comes in and when max timing is reached (based off of throttle position

The way this works in this example is that you get no gains from 0-29% TPS. Then you we divide 100% of the map up over the rpm and boost range (we will talk about that in a second) from 30%-100%tps. So you get 100% of the fueling map in 70% of the TPS range in this example.

Timing, this is simply the max amount of added degrees of timing you will get and is the same on ALL levels that use timing. Once again this is mapped and could be anything from 0-7deg added in this example but, you are setting the max add.

Timing Scaling. This allows you to set a higher degree of timing say 10deg but, scale it down to 70% for a max increase of 7 deg BUT, as the 70% gets divided down you still get more timing advance in the lower levels you just get capped on the top end. So its a way to get more timing down low and still stop the timing up top.

Boost Scaling. This is the boost value where we scale the maps against rpm and TPS. So basically if you reach this boost level you also have to be at TPS max % in order to get all 1200uS of stretch added. Likewise if you are 100% throttle but have not reached this boost scaling number you will not get full fueling.

From here you should have no troubles tuning your engine. I cannot give you anymore numbers really because they are ever changing as you drive and there are just too many possibilities, not to mention it would take me hours to give you individual data points and they really aren't needed. 

Different Interpretation

Pump Stretch.
This will make the biggest difference in overall power and smoke. This is the amount of time the injector is actually opened and spraying fuel into the cylinder. I have this set pretty low on the 1000 tune that I sent you. The COMP file is set to 1800. More than 1800 creates more torque and a lot more smoke but, actually makes less power on the upper end based on all the trucks I have had on the dyno. This is where the COMP file is set to. Feel free to run it to 2400 anytime you want lots of low end power and smoke but, realize you are giving power up on the top.

This does not mean you will get this amount of fuel all the time. There is a map, in percentages based off of this number as the maximum. Beyond that the map is also scaled by the TPS. So even if the map commands 100% but, you are at 50% throttle you will be getting 50% of the max stretch. If the map calls for 25% and you are at 50% TPS you will be getting 12.5% of the max stretch.

TPS MIN. For both CAN and Pump fueling.
This allows you to make the throttle lighter or more responsive. Basically it gives you a fudge factor that allows you to get a minimum amount of the max fuel stretch all the time. If you set this to 10% you will never get less than 10% of the fuel map. So if the map calls for 100% (1800) but, you are at 5% throttle you would normally get 5% of the map. If you set this parameter to 10% you will get 10% even though the mapping algorithm calls for 5%.

You have to be somewhat careful with this or you will be fueling way too much at light throttle. This is set to 0% on the tune I sent out.

TPS MAX. Both CAN and Pump Stretch.
This allows you to determine what throttle position you will see max fueling at. It also re-scales the entire map based on what you select. This is set to 100% on tunes I sent out. This means that you will not get 100% of the map unless you are at 100% TPS. If you set this at 80% TPS that means you will get 100% of the fueling at 80% TPS. It also means that 80%=100% and the map is scaled between 0% and 80% but, on a 0-100 scale. In other words the map moves in increments of .8% instead of 1%.

This can be really useful for those that drive light but, want power on tap earlier in the pedal but, not necessarily right off idle.

Timing MAX
Sort of goes without saying. 0 means we do not add any timing. 10deg means if the map calls for 100% you will get 10deg added over stock.

I never go over 7.5%. In my opinion that is more than plenty. If you are going for only mileage and are going to be easy you can use 10 deg and it should be great for mileage. The problem is that under much boost it could easily cause headgasket damage.

Boost Scaling.
This function is more of a smoothing function of the map. There are 20 positions that this function controls. Think of it at columns. Until boost equals a certain amount, then it is in a certain column. It takes more or less boost to move to different columns.

So if you set this to 20, then each column is changed by 1psi. If you scale it to 40psi then every 2psi it changes.

While this can make things more or less responsive or smooth it out slightly it does not make huge differences because not necessarily every column is more or less aggressive than the next. There have been maps in the past and there will be maps in the future where they will be more boost reliant. For now we do not rely on boost that much other than as this scaling function.

Custom Tunes
MoparTech 3-25-09

MoparTechPut you in your seat tune” 3-29-09
level 4
timing 7
scale 100
Stretch 2000
Max 50
Min 30
Max 50
Min 25
boost 20

Big Country's “Towing Tune” 8-2-13
Fuel stretch 2200
Can max 80
Can min 45 (If your experiencing surges, bump it up to 50)
Pump max 80
Pump min 40 [might try 50]
Timing scale 100
Boost scaling 24

Dsmperformance 1-2-12
Power lvls: 6
Timing: 10
timing scale: 80
Pump Stretch: 1900
Tps max pump: 100
Tps min pump: 20
Tps can max:80
Tps can min: 5
boost scale: 28

Side notes

More stretch=more smoke

more timing=better mileage

light foot=way better mileage

Again if ya'll have a tune that they like or that runs well on their truck feel free to PM me so that I can add it to the list.

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