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Default help!!asap valve lash adjustment not working for me!!

I got valve lash instructions for the 6.7 but when I get the number one cylinder valves both free ect.... certain rockers down the line that are supposed to be free for clearance check are in a load on the spring I only made two full rotations to TDC is there a trick? or am I supposed to keek rotating and one day they just line up? I didn't see anything on any post abou this problem.. I blew the head gasket the truck was running fine other than that and I put EVERYTHING back where it was originally placed should I just skip valve lash since everything went back were it came?? but the valves not matching to the instructions worry this truck is deleted and I was wanting to tighten up the valve lash to .010&.020 since i'm already off in it this is my welding rig and needs to be running by today any help is much aprecciated

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ok just left everything as it come off and it runs rough sounds like its running on 4 cylinders . but it shows to be running 800rpm at idle.... starts up just fine also just runs rough.. and has some chatter but nothing bad can't remember how bad it was before I started this

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