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High EGT Range

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yah would be great to the shops reaction. hey i had the same problem with my wheels sticking try some graphite grease on the hub and studs it worked for me ive had to use a porta power and a 20lb sledge hammer on my wheels really sucks when your on the side of the highway with a trailer on
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Wow i frequent the cumminsforum but had no luck with my problem. This sounds just like my 05'. Will only build 20 psi. felt alot stronger when i first got it. Used to be able to roast my 35's. I will have to check my intercooler. i am alos getitng really high egt's.
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Would you believe my silly-cone patch on the plastic IC tank is still holding?!? The all-metal IC is in my store-room, humidity has made the cardboard box fall apart, and I'm STILL driving around on my patched up plastic IC. Unfreakingbelievable.
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Originally Posted by cerberus60 View Post
For reference, the MAP\IAT is a dual sensor located on the intake manifold. The Inlet Air Temp is the ambient temp sensor and barometric pressure sensor located on the air box horn.

Since this thread got dredged up I may as well respond. Actually, the intake senor in the intake manifold on the MAP sensor is used for reading air temp for correction purposes on the baro of the MAP. I had no idea however that the intake temp sensor on the CAI tube was also reading baro. I guess I'll have to check into that one. Do you have any technical data you can post? Thanks.
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This is a great thread. I have a similar problem. High EGT’s and I threw two codes P 0483 and P 0299. My boost doesn’t seem to be affected as it goes up to over 20 psi when I put my foot down. I have a 2006 Ram 3500 with a little over 70,000 miles on a reman engine. The truck has a total of 112,000 miles. The original owner had issues with high egt’s. The turbo and injectors have recently been replaced. They also put on a aftermarket afe dry air filter.
Would the map sensor possibly be the problem? When the truck went into limp mode is when it threw the two codes.
Driving on the freeway it had a loss of power. Dead peddle.Got off the freeway and was able to drive surface streets home with limited power. At first I thought it might be related to the apps or lift pump but after reading the codes I’m thinking otherwise.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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