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Default 48RE to NV5600 wiring considerations/confirmations

Hello all,

I am working through the electrical in going from a 48RE to the NV5600. From what I have read there are three considerations as follows:

1. The park/neutral wire attached to pin number 6 on the Transmission Range Sensor plug is cut at the plug and wired through the clutch safety switch to ground.

2. The existing Transfer Case Position Sensor is wire directly to the new transfer case

3. The Backup Lamp feed on pin number 4 (48RE Transmission Range Sensor plug) must be feed through the Backup Lamp Switch located on the NV5600 and, from what I understand fed back to pin 1 on Transmission Range Sensor Plug (Fused Ignitio Switch Output)

Can someone please confirm this is correct.

Additionally, what if anything needs to be done with the Output Speed Sensor line? Tied up out of the way?

I assume the remaining Transmission Range Sensors wires (2,3,5), the Transmission Throttle Valve Assembly wiring, and the Transmission Solenoid Assembly can all be left unconnected, tied up out of the way.

The ECM will be flashed with the manual transmission program and the automatic wiring harness left in place with the above considerations.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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