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12 Valve 2nd Gen Dodge Cummins 94-98 Discussion of 12 Valve 5.9 Liter Dodge Cummins Diesels with P7100 Injection Pumps

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my dad passed and left me his 96 B 3500 5.9. He used it for plulling a 28' camper all over the US and Canada. The body and interior are primo. Trans won't shift.Eng almost 400k.

I am pulling tranny for rebuild. I want to be able to pull a 20' camper at hiway speeds up to 75mph. I would like to cruise at the max efficient RPM. I don't want the mountains to be a big problem. I am also going to have a rebuild done on the eng. If it should be improved/Modified now is the time.This is my retirement present to me. I can't say money is no object but I really want to do it right, otherwise the ghoast of my Dad will come back continue kicking my butt where he left off. I want the eng and trany to compliment each other. I don't want a engine that blows the tranny every time I floor it.

Engine Stock rebuild or??? If I modify the eng what should I do(If Anything) to the Tranny.
I need to know what to tell the shops to install, modify, replace etc. Help an old vet out.

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12 valves can be gutless compared to some of the newer motors (460-500 lb ft vs. the new almost or at 900 lb ft.) Theres a million different ways to go with these. Personally in your case I would try to take a look at what some of the towing rigs are doing. Get gauges going in there whether it be standard dials or if the Edge cts or similar will work with your truck (Ive never tried one on a 12V) Watch EGT's, boost is nice but not as important as EGT's or in your case a transmission temp would be very important. Like I said, google other tow setups are as I can point you in the right direction for HP, but everyone likes their own trucks a little different. Oh and build your trans according to the motor, Potentially a billet input and maybe intermediate and output depending on how far you go with power. Call up some local shops, see if any of them work with Goerend Transmission, they are the way to go with our autos.
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