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Old 02-02-2013, 03:29 AM
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Default Help adjusting 3k GSK

Hi all,
I just finished installing a 3/4k GSK kit from pacbrake. I installed it as a 3k kit with the inside spring left out.

I measured my stock spring tension-distance and set the new to the same with 0.075".
After install idle was very high, ~1200RPM. I went back in and loosened them about 3/4turn, now idle is down to ~1000RPM free and 800RPM in park, this is still a lot higher than it used to be.

I figure that I need to just go back in and loosen them up some more. Also driving does not feel improved at all. I have less power and can not notice if there is any RPM difference. I used to see ~19PSI WOT @2000RPM and now I see barely 15.

Note: to install I went through the top of the AFC housing. I marked position for the plate and everything is reinstalled as close as possible to the original.

Is there a trick or something I am missing? My first impressions with a 3k GSK are not very good compared to stocker.

Stock there were 4 governor springs. I removed the 3 smallest springs and their respective seats. I was not able to find any shims on either side for the small springs. There were shims for the larger springs, but the instructions said not to remove those. I reinstalled 2 new springs and the new seats.

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Old 02-02-2013, 12:02 PM
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sounds like you might have already had a gov spring kit in there. tighten them back down about 5 clicks per side and adjust the idle down via the idle adjustment screw on the back of the pump.
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Old 02-02-2013, 05:39 PM
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How do I know if I had a governor spring kit installed?

My power seemed to top off @ about 2200 RPM before. I could free rev it a little higher, but I was never able to get much power above that. I was hoping to just prolong the power curve through ~2800RPM before the governor started defueling..

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Ok, so I adjusted the idle screw and now the idle is proper, about 750 in park.

I tried sliding the AFC housing full forward and I did not like the outcome. I tried sliding it full aft and everything seems much better. However, max boost seems to be ~15PSI (boot fitting capped shut) and no smoke (very clean). I then adjusted the star wheel to full forward to attempt to build more boost and it *may* have helped a little but the difference is not that noticeable. The truck drives fine now, but seems to have a little more power down low and a little less in the top end (15PSI vs 19PSI). I still need to play with the smoke screw a little to limit the pre-boost fuel, but that is also accomplished with one's foot for the time being.

I am a little confused.
What is the adjustment to build more boost/fuel-more in the higher RPM's?

*edit* the GSK kit seems to let it free-rev up through 3k without issues, but I have not pushed it more than that without valve springs.

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Old 03-03-2013, 11:26 PM
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Ok Everyone, Just to wrap this thread up. I loosened the GSK spring tension a little and then adjusted the idle screw down to about 750RPM an everything is running great.
I also adjusted the AFC & moved the torque plate & AFC housing forward.

The only problem is I can slip the torque converter now, so I have to use a little right foot control.
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