P0087 and P1011 CEL's

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Default P0087 and P1011 CEL's

Please don't shoot the messenger, I know its been asked a million times already about these codes and posted extensively online and yes ive read up. BUT my situation has a few variables that I cannot get feed back on.

2007.5 Dodge Ram 3500 H&S tuner, all deleted, fuel rail plug, Air Dog pump.

Was pulling my gooseneck the other day and after about 70 miles I noticed (On my tuner) that the fuel pressure was jumping around from 14psi to 15 psi to 29 etc. I made it to where I was headed but my AirDog seemed to be loud. I figured it hay have been the pump going out since in the past I have heard that they has some issues. I changed the filter and tried again, still a bit loud. Pulled the pump off and took the pump to a local diesel shop to have it checked out, they actually had another AirDog pump like mine to let me try. I put that pump on and still loud and truck acted the same as it did before. So now I put my pump back on and decided to leave the trailer and just drive the truck back home. It seemed to run ok at first but then after about 30 miles it acted up, fuel pressure (on Tuner) was reading anywhere from 0 PSI at times to 29 PSI at times and was fluctuating back and forth and the truck would kill at )psi and then kick right back when it re gained fuel PSI.

Now I have not checked the fuel PSI at the pump yet, I think the Air Dog has a gauge port in the side of the main body for this. What I did notice when changing the filter was that on the fuel water separator side there was some small particles that looked like calcium rocks sorta. Not sure what this was from. Now my thoughts on this (before getting more serious like CP3 etc) is to rule out the more simple possibilities.

My plan is to drop the tank and check for any issues inside of it and to check the lines for any restrictions. This could be why the AirDog is loud. If there are no issues then I will work my was forward to the fuel rail, injectors, CP3 etc. Has anyone ever has this issue and I would appreciate any feedback to help point me in the right direction of diagnosing this. Thanks and appreciation for any help.

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