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Buckshotmckee 10-06-2007 03:21 PM

Just Enabled The High Idle On My 6spd
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Here are the instructions on how to enable the high idle on your 04.5+ 6spd. Very easy! It took me about 20 min. I bought the $10 connector from Peterbilt and grounded pin #22. (I by no means did this right up, I did supply the pictures though. Just sharing.)

So not to confuse the Dealer when he tries to enable the High Idle in the ECM, it's best if you've electro-mechanically "enabled" it first with either Step-1 or Steps-2 thru 3;

1) Buy the $200 clutch-switch kit and install as instructed. - Pass Go - straight to Step 4…

2) Install a "dummy" clutch-switch by shorting the ECM connector-B Pin #22 to ground as follows: (Note this probably circumvents someone’s concept of safe power-train operation as depressing the clutch with this method will not disengage the high-idle "cruise" setting)

2a) Buy a new ECM connector pin (I bought the Cummins Pigtail part number #3164263 for ~$10.00+tax at a local Kenworth dealer) or use an old junk yard harness to salvage a single pin with a ~6"-7" lead.

2b) If you bought the pigtail #3164263, the lead will be too short, so pick up some 18AWG to extend the lead length. The pigtail already comes with a crimp connector and a heat shrink insulator ready for the extension-lead.

- Crimp the ~5" 18AWG extension-lead into the pigtail and hit the heat-shrink sleeve with a heat-gun (or a lighter!!) Please check your own extension-lead lengths before crimping - this ~5" is from my lousy memory !!

- Add a 1/4" ring terminal to the end of the extension lead (this'll connect to a ground post) - I bought the ones with a semi-clear blue "plastic" sleeve, the sleeve is actually a weather-proof heat shrink. Hit the heat-shrink sleeve with some heat.

3) Remove plug B on the ECM (the 50 pin connector on the drivers side of the engine closest to the rear of engine with a 4mm Allen screw in the center). Note: this is probably best done with the both batteries disconnected first (I did mine with the batteries connected - sloppy).

3a) Push (use a paper clip) the sealing plug out of position #22 (starting at to left, count across, there are 50 pins total, #22 is second in from left, third row down) Note: #22 is the PTO/Clutch switch sense terminal (page 8W 80-98 in the shop manual).

3b) Insert the pigtail-lead into the back of the #22 until you feel a positive detent (click), lightly tug the wire to ensure that it's been properly inserted and cannot be removed. Note: Make sure that you've properly identified #22 - if you've put it into the wrong position, you'll probably need to head over to the dealer to use a special pin removal tool...

3c) Reconnect the ECM connector, don't bother trying to push it on, just seat it square on the ECM connector, and carefully thread the 4mm Allen screw until it bottoms out.

3d) Slide the ring-terminal over the lower-left post of the ECM retaining stud (mine stud had an extra ~1" of available thread)

3e) Add a 1/4-28 fine-grade nut to secure the ring-terminal to the ECM retaining stud, torque to... - oh hell - just tighten it !!!

3f) Reconnect the batteries if disconnected.

4) Take the truck to the dealer to enable the High Idle option. On older models, I think it's an actual TSB (18-004-04) to flash/load the ECM - my '06 just needed it to be enabled.

- If your tech can't figure out what/where a high-idle is (mine didn't know) tell him to follow these menu options (I think these are from the DRBIII and not the Star tool which they used on my '06)
- With the ignition in the “RUN” position, using the DRBIIIT select:
-> DRBIII Standalone
-> xxxx - xxxx Diagnostics
-> All (Except Below)
-> Engine
-> Misc. Function
-> Idle Up Feature Enable (the option is in the same place as the daylight running lights)

- Ensure that the after the flash option has been loaded to the ECM (TSB 18-004-04) that it also activated - this is a additional step !! Again - note that on my newer '06 they just had to enable it - not flash it as a TSB !!

5) If your tech knows his ABC's - he will know how to verify if the high-idle has been properly loaded/enabled - if not, here's how the high idle on my 6spd worked:

- Start truck.
- Stay off the clutch (if clutch switch was installed) and service brake pedals (recommend setting the parking brake on your 6 speed !!).
- Turn on "cruise".
- Hit "set".
- The engine should come up to 1,100 rpm.
- Then hit or hold accel;
- Each time you hit accel momentarily it should go up 100 rpm (Max is 1,500 rpm).
- Each time you hit decel momentarily it should go down 100 rpm (Min is 1,100 rpm).
- Hit the service brake pedal, the RPM's should drop back down to the normal ~750.
- Hit the "set" button, it should run back up to 1100 rpm.
- Hit "cruise" to turn off cruise and the RPM's should drop back down to the normal ~750.

6) If you have any follow on TSB's that flash the ECM, remind the service manager (or better yet the tech) to ensure that high-idle is to be re-enabled following the TSB flash. Mine was disabled after applying the 18-003-06 hard-start TSB last week.

7) Smugly recall the fella who posted his stout-lumber stick "High Idle Management Interface" picture next time you're at a long light out in the flatlands and hit your "Cruise, Set" buttons... Don't roll into the intersection !!

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06 DIESEL 10-06-2007 04:15 PM

Thanks, I will do this when I get mine back.

Buckshotmckee 10-08-2007 09:54 AM

Tried it out this morning, works awesome! :c:

Johnny Cetane 10-08-2007 12:10 PM

thanks for the info buckshot. very cool. :U:

STROKER400 10-08-2007 03:42 PM

quick question. I have a 2004.5 and what does this do for the truck do i have this or is there a way to tell.
just getting info

Buckshotmckee 10-08-2007 03:55 PM

Since you have an 04.5, my understanding is, it will work. Just follow the instructions. What it does is, it allows you to kick the rpms up when you leave the truck idling or at warm up. You turn the cruise on, hit set and it bumps the rpms up to 1100 automatically, if you hold down the accel button on the cruise, it will allow you to adjust the rpms up to 1500 rpm max. It helps to keep the cylinders from warshing down when the truck is idling. It's really great if you sleep in the truck or let it idle for long periods of time.

MRaynor 10-08-2007 08:31 PM

This is a very nice feature, I have used it several times while interstate was shut down and needed AC. Thanks Buckshot. :U: :U:

STROKER400 10-09-2007 08:44 AM


Buckshotmckee 10-09-2007 02:51 PM

I found out this morning, while sitting @ a stop light, it works great. It would also work great in traffic.

dieseljunkie 10-14-2007 12:02 PM

Sounds good Tye, I might have to give this a shot.. Doesn't seem to hard.. the hardest part is going to be to get my dealer to believe that the high idle can be eneabled on a 6 spd LOL... :D

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