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Well, just as the title says, we're finishing up a Ford Super Duty air suspension. Before we get the prototypes cut, we wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts and get some feedback from the community. This system has been built around a work truck, not a ... JOIN NOW TO REMOVE TRACER

Ford Super Duty Air Suspension

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Old 07-11-2013, 01:06 PM
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Default Ford Super Duty Air Suspension

Well, just as the title says, we're finishing up a Ford Super Duty air suspension. Before we get the prototypes cut, we wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts and get some feedback from the community.

This system has been built around a work truck, not a flashy blinged out trailer queen. We wanted to offer a good solid reliable and most importantly affordable solution to a good riding truck for the guy with a daily driver/work truck. The suspensions have been designed to meet or exceed the GAWR of the vehicle so your truck will ride level no matter how you load it!

We have developed the front suspension and are utilizing the Firestone R4Tech rear suspension. We have other systems in mind for the future, but we wanted to start with a product which we could reasonably enter into the market.

For the Rear, we plan to have a few different options for the R4Tech system. We plan to offer an "entry level" kit which will remove some of the bells and whistles or work well for those of you with air systems already installed on the truck. The benefit of this is bringing the price down without affecting the quality, ride, or capacity of the system.

For the Front, we have developed a system that will utilize all the stock steering and suspension components and simply swap out the spring for an air spring. The goal of this system was to retain the factory geometry and parts for easy service and maintenance, but pick up the benefit of a smoother better controlled ride which is possible with an "adaptive air suspension".

We plan to provide an "emergency roadside repair kit" which will come with extra fittings, air line, and other necessities in the event that something kicks up off the road and damages an air line . . . or you happen across an angry beaver who chews through a line . The air springs we have chosen utilize internal bumps stops which will safely support the weight of the vehicle and allow the vehicle to continue to be driven in the event of a complete system failure. Redundancy and multiple fail stops have been designed into the system to ensure your truck is never down for the count. Given the number of air suspensions currently in place on the OTR truck market, and the fact that we are using the same commercial grade Firestone air springs, we don't anticipate too many issues in the field . . .but peace of mind is a valuable thing, especially when miles from home, so we want you to know we've thought about everything . . . and want to guarantee you and your cargo make it to your destination.

The rear R4Tech kits are currently available for all pickup truck platforms (including many lifted applications). We will be introducing the Front Kit for the 05 and up SuperDuties first followed by the Dodge applications. Our kits will support stock through 6" lift applications.

In the future, we are looking toward multi-link front and rear systems. The multi-link isn't a necessity for the vast majority of people, but many in the high performance market know about front axle hop and rear spring wind up while pulling loads . . . these multi-link kits will resolve those issues. Once we are confident we have achieved "factory reliability" on these systems, they will be released as well.

So, the point of this thread.

Give me your thoughts, what would you like to see in a system like this? Where would you like to see us take these in the future? There are a lot of possibilities w/air suspensions, we are just now touching the surface.
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Old 09-14-2013, 09:43 PM
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Had a set of bags on my 07 that were a bolt on above the springs, helped level the truck with a load, looking for about the same thing for my F450 DRW with GN hitch. Not looking to totally replace my stock suspension.

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Old 09-15-2013, 07:55 PM
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That's an awesome deal!! Don't want to replace stock but just upgrade it.
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